Letters to the Editor

Need a good reason to spot the newt?

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Northern Exposure At Last
It was wonderful to see a true “North Country” physician (as in above Franconia Notch!) in your April issue’s “94 Leading Physicians in the Specialties You Need Most.” Dr. John Ford of Whitefield is truly a caring and knowledgeable doctor, deserving of this recognition.

Beverlee Richter
[via e-mail]

Don’t Forget Us
I got your magazine last week and noted with interest your article on Top Doctors 2009. But I was disappointed to see that in all of your categories there was not a category for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  I believe there are about a half dozen private practices that do that surgery in New Hampshire.

Dr. Mark Scura and his colleague Dr. Patrick Vaughan practice privately in Concord and are connected to the Concord Hospital. I would highly recommend them. I hope to see this category next year because as you say on the cover “… leading physicians in the specialities you need most.” Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery certainly falls in that category.

Alexandra Cook
South Tamworth

Us, Too
I just received the April issue with the Leading Docs article. It is well presented. Being in the field I know many of the Docs listed and I agree!

I am on the magazine site and I am disappointed that not everyone/group is listed on the site. Please add the Alternative/ Complementary Health Care group. New Hampshire should have access to everyone listed in the magazine.

Barbara Sorce

To Save and Protect
Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the “Historic Opportunities” article that outlined your top 10 neighborhoods where history and community combine. The New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources (NHDHR) encourages new programs that will assist communities in the preservation of historic neighborhoods. I would like to clarify that NHDHR received a grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to prepare such a handbook that will assist communities in developing Neighborhood Heritage Districts.

While the NHDHR did not receive matching monies for communities, the Neighborhood Heritage Districts Handbook is available online at www.nh.gov/nhdhr. Our hope is that residents can come together, discover what makes their neighborhood unique and implement programs to protect those features that are most important from a community perspective.

Nadine Peterson
Preservation Planner
N.H. Division of Historical Resources

This and That
With pleasure, I just read your article on Burdick’s in Walpole [March 2009]. It certainly is a treasure for this area. Please note that North Country Smokehouse is in Claremont, not in Lebanon. Have a great day.

Tami Minich

This and That
A huge entry was omitted from the Women section in the March 2009 [Top Ten Lists] issue. In 2006, Carol Shea-Porter was the first woman elected to serve New Hampshire in Washington DC. Representative Shea-Porter campaigned with the least amount of money of all candidates and was not even known by the democratic chairperson. Please mention her in a future edition. She deserves it.

Barbara Dennettt

In Clooney’s Footsteps?
Just a note to thank you again for the article in New Hampshire Magazine on my grandson Zack Conroy [November 2008]. Thought you’d like to know that he now has a job with CBS on the soap “Guiding Light,” a springboard for many actors like George Clooney and Kevin Bacon.

I now have a subscription to your magazine (a requested Christmas present) and am enjoying it.

Wishing you good luck in these trying economic times.

Ann Schultz

Words from the Web
We get feedback several ways – by phone, mail (mostly e-mail) and in the “Comment” section of our Web site. From time to time we’ll share some of what’s said on the Web in reaction to stories we do, like this month:

aques747 in response to “Top Doctors 2009” wrote: Dr. Kleeman, N.H. Neurospine Institute, Bedford, should be recognized not only for his research, but for pioneering Laparoscopic Anterior Interbody and Posterior Lumbar Fusion. His passion and commitment to his work are commendable as is the “Team” with whom he performs this surgery.

I am a recent patient, and if it weren’t for his skills, I would be headed for nursing home care. Six weeks out of this surgery, I am able to “walk,” without shuffling; hold my “core,” without pain; not leaning forward with the sensation of falling; and making progress far beyond my expectations. New Hampshire is fortunate to have someone as skilled and as committed as Dr. Kleeman.

Manofthelake in response to “Historic Opportunities” wrote: New Hampshire should wake up and realize that smaller homes and cottages are worth saving along with mansion houses. Even in fine summer resorts we destroy cottages, inns and scenic vistas with no thought to the future. I offer you Lake Sunapee, the harbor and Burkhaven Hill as examples of scenic vistas that the public could enjoy. Finer structures have fallen, and the public shall never enjoy the pleasure of seeing them.

Alexander Lee in response to “Taboo Topics” in the March 2009 issue wrote: These are great ideas, James. I am a huge advocate for a change to the work schedule. It was the unions, in part, that sunk the 30-hour work week of Kellogg and others who sent people back to work after the Depression to get ready for the war. Some good history there.

Correction: Catholic Medical Center was omitted from the affiliations lists for Top Doctor Eric Landis, M.D. and Leading Physician Peter Van der Meer, M.D. in the April issue feature “Top Doctors 2009.”