Writers on a New England Stage: Brian Greene

February 20, 2020 @ 7:00 pm
The Music Hall
28 Chestnut St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
$13.75 plus book voucher ($30)
(603) 436-2400
Writers on a New England Stage: Brian Greene @ The Music Hall | Portsmouth | New Hampshire | United States

“Until the End of Time” is Brian Greene’s breathtaking new exploration of the cosmos and our quest to understand it. Greene takes us on a journey across time, from our most refined understanding of the universe’s beginning, to the closest science can take us to the very end. He explores how life and mind emerged from the initial chaos, and how our minds, in coming to understand their own impermanence, seek in different ways to give meaning to experience: in narrative, myth, religion, creative expression, science, the quest for truth and our longing for the eternal.

Through a series of nested stories that explain distinct but interwoven layers of reality — from quantum mechanics to consciousness to black holes — Greene provides us with a clearer sense of how we came to be, a finer picture of where we are now, and a firmer understanding of where we are headed. With this grand tour of the universe, beginning to end, Brian Greene allows us all to grasp and appreciate our fleeting but utterly exquisite moment in the cosmos.

7 p.m. — Writers on a New England Stage event
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