Author: J.W. Ocker

We’ve Got Bette Davis’s Plaque

Some of the hikes in New Hampshire can take you to some really weird, fascinating stuff. Like ghost towns. And airplane crash sites. Art installations. Carnivorous plants. This one brings you to a plaque in the woods installed by movie star Bette Davis.

Live Free and/or Weird: A Monster of a Cliff

Frankenstein Cliff, outside the town of Bartlett in Crawford Notch, soars 1,400 feet above sea level, and while that makes it a monster of a cliff, its namesake isn’t the lumbering spawn of a mad scientist, is it? Well, walk this way.

Live Free and/or Weird

Each week, J.W. Ocker will reveal an odd, unknown or quirky fact about our beloved state. First up is the grave of the first American-born magician.