Author: Bill Burke

Lucas Gallo

Lucas Gallo has been playing music in the New England region for 20 years. Percussive, insightful, and resonant. For more information:

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, live from home! For more information: Venmo: @Jordan-Tirrell-Wysocki Paypal:  


BeefStu formed in 2013 to play a summertime party on the Pemi River. The band is named after its original drummer, Stu LeBlanc. Stu had to leave the band in 2018 for personal reasons. Dave McGahan took Stu's spot behind…

Holly Furlone

Hailed by the Concord Monitor as "a local rising star," Holly Furlone's solo performances have been described as "passionate, candid & pure." Venmo: @Holly-Furlone

Dave Talmage

Dave Talmage puts on his weekly show Lonesome Lunch to help raise spirits. Lonesome Lunch is based at the Press Room 77 Islington Street, Fridays 1-3 during regular non-quarantine times. Broadcasts will be at that usual time. Venmo: @oldtimedave Paypal:…

Tyler Allgood

Venmo: @Tyler-Allgood-1 Folk New Hampshire: Tyler Allgood Tyler Allgood has been all around New England over the last five years, relying solely on his original songwriting. Allgood’s style is authentic and unique, as he effortlessly weaves genres of music together…