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Where’s The Square?

We are sorry to report that issue number five of The Square, which is currently available at numerous locations on the NH Seacoast (see distribution list below), will be the last that we publish. Fortunately, the current issue and previous ones will live on as flip books that you can access for free.

It was hard to say goodbye to this publication. Not only was it extremely popular with readers and local advertisers, it was a joy to produce under the guidance of Editor Meganne Fabrega and Art Director Chip Allen and with help from the talented staff at New Hampshire Magazine. We are grateful to everyone who bought an ad, picked up a copy or contributed a story or photo to our pages. In the end, the economics of publishing The Square did not work out, but all involved are proud of the work we did over the past two and a half years.

While the website and print version of The Square are gone, the mission we undertook to showcase the abundant creativity, culture and community on the Seacoast continues. We have plans for some special sections in upcoming issues of New Hampshire Magazine that will take advantage of the insights and attitude of The Square and feature those qualities (and some of the same contributors) in a respected publication that’s addressed to a state-wide audience of 150,000 readers.

For more information on future plans or to connect with seacoast-area advertising representative, I encourage you to send a note to Tal Hauch at

Yours truly,

Rick Broussard, Editor
New Hampshire Magazine

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