The Faces of Heart & Vascular Health

CMC New England Heart & Vascular Institute, Leading the Region in Heart and Vascular Care

As home to the New England Heart & Vascular Institute, CMC is a nationally-recognized premier facility for heart and vascular care. Our award-winning team of specialists, the most recognized cardiologists, cardiac and vascular surgeons in Castle Connolly’s 2018 Top Doctors survey as published in New Hampshire Magazine, leads the way in diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular disease. Advancing research and pioneering next-generation techniques, with the addition of TAVR (transcatheter aortic valve replacement), CardioMEMS™, WATCHMANTM,  and MitraClip®, we bring you the latest and most advanced treatment options right in your community. CMC. This is where heart meets innovation.

More information:

Catholic Medical Center
100 Mcgregor Street, Manchester, NH 03102

More Faces of NH that you should meet

The Face of Customized Healthcare

Dr. William Brewster MD, FACP, CHIE of Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

The Face of Sexual Wellness

Dr. Lisa Vuich of Renew MediSpa

The Face of Community Stewardship

Adam Nudd-Homeyer of Tappan Chairs

The Faces of Firearm Safety & Education

TerryAnn & Jake Bowen of Manchester Firing Line

The Face of Member Owned Banking

Maurice D. Simard Jr. of Triangle Credit Union

The Faces of Energy Management

Gus and Bart Fromuth of Freedom Energy Logistics, LLC

The Face of Community Nursing

Susan A. Reeves, EdD, RN, Chief Nursing Executive
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