The Faces of Energy Management

Gus and Bart Fromuth of Freedom Energy Logistics, LLC

Freedom Energy Logistics is a leader in the New England energy market having pioneered the “Direct-to-Grid” model of buying wholesale electricity direct from ISO-NE. Many of the area’s largest electricity and natural gas users rely on the Freedom Energy Logistics team for their consulting and procurement strategies. They continually monitor and advise their customers on market conditions, presenting multiple solutions to balance risk management and lowest cost options. Freedom Energy Logistics provides a comprehensive approach to buying energy, whether advising to buy wholesale to retail, or to purchase fixed-price, fixed-term or buying clean renewable energy, they advise their customers on how and when to intelligently purchase energy. As industry experts, the Freedom team closely watches the market for trends and drops in pricing and proactively notifies its customers of those advantageous periods. The Freedom Energy Logistics team takes pride in reducing utility overhead for their customers.

More information:

Freedom Energy Logistics, LLC
5 Dartmouth Drive, Auburn, NH 03101

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