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Grilled Jalapeño Poppers


Side Dishes


By Chef John Medlin



While you have the grill going, add these hot bites for a tasty appetizer.


6 Jalapeno peppers, largest you can find
4 ounces PSK Mexican Chorizo, cooked and drained
3 ounces Manchego or sharp cheddar cheese
Canola oil as needed
Toothpicks and grill

Preparation - Directions

Slice the pepper 1/4 inch from the stem to open the pepper.

Remove and reserve the stem using a paring knife.

Carefully hollow out the peppers, removing all the seeds, and set aside.

Grate cheese and mix with the cooked and cooled Chorizo.

Stuff mixture into hollowed peppers. Replace stem using a toothpick to secure it to the end.

Brush with oil and place on grill. Allow to char a little and cook until the pepper has softened.

Serve in place of pickle or as an appetizer.


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