Making your breast health a priority

Jessica Ryan, MD, (right) is the medical director and breast surgeon at Catholic Medical Center’s (CMC) Breast Care Center. She specializes in breast conservation, nipple-sparing mastectomy and oncoplastic surgery. Dr. Ryan, along with Betsy Angelakis, MD, chief of breast imaging, is part of a skilled and compassionate team offering women the best in breast health.

Q: What can I do to reduce my risk of breast cancer?

A: Many women don’t realize that excess alcohol intake, smoking cigarettes and being overweight are all factors that increase their risk of breast cancer. Avoiding these risks, and staying active, are important steps to both breast health and overall health.

Q: What is one of the most important steps in taking control of my breast health?

A: You should always discuss your concerns with your doctor and be vigilant about scheduling your mammogram. We recommend mammograms each year, beginning at age 40, for women of average risk. Some women may want to begin screening earlier, and should discuss the right age and frequency for mammograms with their doctor.

Breast Care Center

Bedford Medical Park
9 Washington Place
Suite 203
Bedford, NH 03110

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