Great Pumpkin Dishes and Foods for Fall

Go beyond pumpkin pie with these seasonally appropriate items

Photo by Susan Laughlin

Did you know that New Hampshire’s state fruit is the pumpkin, and that we hold a huge pumpkin festival every October in Keene that breaks all records for pumpkin largeness?

Gather your jack-o’-lanterns at pick-your-own farms, then head out for the pumpkin treats we found for you below to join in the very New Hampshire spirit of celebrating the great orange one.

One of the things we think you should try this fall is the Handmade Roasted Butternut Squash Cappellacci from the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem pictured on the right.







Nelson’s Candy
65 Main St.
(603) 654-5030
Pumpkin Fudge

Creamy, fresh and only available in the fall

Tip: Try the pumpkin fudge with pecans and see if you can stop eating it.

Tuscan Kitchen
67 Main St.
(603) 952-4875
Handmade Roasted Butternut Squash Cappellacci

You’ll be rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time in appreciation for these delicate tortellini-shaped pasta stuffed with roasted squash. They’re bathed in a sauce with flavor layers of sage, brown butter and Parmigiano Reggiano. $16

Tip: Sign up for their cooking class to learn how to make them yourself.

Simply Delish
250 Commercial St.
(603) 566-3189
Pumpkin Bread

Looks like you made it, tastes better. Perfect for autumn breakfasts or for making French toast.

Tip: Find it at The Meat House, Durham Market, Harvest Market, Sanders Fish Market, The Prime Butcher, Haverhill Beef Company and farmers markets in Tilton, Manchester and Nashua.

Annabelle’s Natural Ice Cream
49 Ceres St.
(603) 436-3400
Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Only available in the fall, 16 percent butter fat
and all natural

Tip: Scoop pumpkin pie ice cream on top of warm pumpkin pie and surrender to streams of creamy pumpkin trickling down the sides.

Parker’s Maple Barn
1316 Brookline Rd.
(603) 878-2308
Pumpkin Pancakes

Huge pumpkin pancakes served all day. Can be ordered with sides of maple cream and maple syrup.

Tip: Their own maple syrup is roasted into the beans of their maple coffee. Order a maple doughnut to dunk in it.

Echo Farm Puddings
573 Chesterfield Rd.
(603) 336-7706
Pumpkin Pudding

 Cows with names like Misty, Lollipop and Miracle produce the milk that goes into all natural Spiced Pumpkin Pudding. Made with pumpkin pie spices, sugar, vanilla and butterscotch schnapps.

Tip: Seasonal, so stock up.



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