Hot Dogs for National Hot Dog Month

July is national Hot Dog Month, the perfect time of year for sampling the state’s mustard-dripping, crazy-delicious dogs dressed to kill with chili, melting cheese, onions, pickles, bacon, ketchup, cole slaw, hot peppers, barbecue sauce and just about anything else you can think of. Here are some hot doggie destinations to get you started.

Hillary Davis is the author of "Cuisine Niçoise: Sun-kissed Cooking from the French Riviera" and "French Comfort Food."

What and Where Description Tip

Sonoran Dog
Downtown Dogs

Summer Location: Cart on Central Avenue, Dover
11 a.m.-3 p.m.

All other days:
1 Washington St.
First floor, Suite 1029, Dover
11 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
(603) 553-3641

Beef dog on a poppy seed bun wearing crispy bacon, refried beans, hot peppers, onions, salsa and melted cheese. Veggie dogs also available. House-made condiments are a must-try: cranberry-bourbon jam, gourmet mustards and three pepper ketchup. Dogs have natural casing, no by-products and no fillers.

 Tiny location, so think take-out.
Chicago Dog
The Kitchen

171 Islington St.
(603) 319-8630
Quarter-pound, Chicago-style hot dog loaded with neon green relish, hot pepperoncini, diced tomatoes and pickles on a soft potato flour roll. Drool-worthy.

Order their outrageously delicious spudsters: deep-fried mashed potato balls served with all kinds of seasonings, including garlic and Parmesan, and dips, including truffle ketchup.

Chili Dog
Gilley’s PM Lunch

175 Fleet St.
(603) 431-6343

A quintessential, all-American, deliciously satisfying chili dog. Side with chili cheese fries, a portion big enough for two. Heck, the prices are so low, spring for two dogs. Cash only. Ten-seat restaurant established in 1912. That’s historic!

Footlong Dog
 Black Mtn. Burger Co.
264 Main St.
(603) 745-3444

Nestled into a huge hoagie roll, this footlong dog will not only fill you up but will make you wonder why other dogs are so short. Try it with their sweet potato waffle fries with maple mayo dip on the side or some frisky fried mac n’ cheese balls.

Outside seating and super menu of Angus burgers and beers as well.

Knock Dog
Elm City
Brewing Company

Colony Mill Marketplace
222 West St.
(603) 355-3335
A fat grilled bratwurst or knockwurst stuffed into garlicky grilled French roll then slathered with house-made mustard and served with a pickle wedge and chips. Side it with a flight of four beers freshly brewed on the premises. Lots of summery outdoor seating and ½-gallon containers of beer to go.

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