January 2014

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New Brewer at Blue Lobster Brewing Co.

Ian Browne is replacing David Sakolsky at Blue Lobster in Hampton, NH.

Able Ebenezer Brewing Co. on the Horizon

The Able Ebeneezer Brewing Co. just received final approval from the planning board and is on the road to opening soon.

BrewNH Launch

A new group hopes to boost the New Hampshire craft beer industry.

Recipe for Boggy Meadow Mac 'n Cheese

Cure winter blues with this creamy, delicious mac 'n cheese recipe from New Hampshire chef Michael Buckley.

New Hampshire Woodworker Peter Sandback

Peter Sandback's surface designs of floral and organic abstract patterns are a foil to the simple configurations of his tables.

Green Spirit

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s an ever-growing list of topics you can’t discuss without people withdrawing from one another into opposing camps? Differences are good, but like a bottle of salad dressing, it’s better when you shake things up.

Gluten-free Breads

Five places in New Hampshire where you can find gluten-free baked goods.

Your Letters from the January 2014 Issue

Social Painting Nights

Have a drink with friends while exercising your creative side. Social painting combines nightlife with art.

The Metal Sculptures of Walter Liff

Renowned metal sculptor Walter Liff created an interactive sculpture you can see on the New Castle Common.

You CAN Still Get There from Here

"Progress might have been all right once,” the comic-poet Ogden Nash observed, “but it has gone on too long.”

Olympian Kacey Bellamy

This UNH grad has gone from playing college hockey in Durham to the world stage at the Olympics in 2004. She hopes to return to the games in 2014.

Understanding Northern Pass

The highly contested Northern Pass project has big implications for the state. Proponents see it as a much-needed energy source while equally passionate critics view it as a coming environmental catastrophe. However, things are not so clear cut.

Expert Downhill Skiing

How do you become an expert downhill skier? Practice, dedication and confidence.

Dealing With the Legal Aftermath Car Accidents

Beyond legal issues such as liability and fault, car accidents can take an emotional toll.

Indoor Winter Fun in Manchester, NH

January’s short days and chill weather suggest a city weekend of museums, theatre and comfort food.

Painting and Cocktails in Manchester

In Courtney's return to Manchester, NH, she stops in at the new business on the block - Muse Paintbar.

Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease

A cure for Alzheimer’s disease remains elusive, but there are ways to cope and to support loved ones who are diagnosed.

The Baby Boom: How it Got That Way (And It Wasn't My Fault) (And I'll Never Do It Again) by P.J. O'Rourke

Along with being his longest title ever, it's also O'Rourke's first all-new, previously unpublished work in more than half a decade.

Healthier Eating in the New Year is Possible!

Eating healthier and dining out don't have to by mutually exclusive - Many NH restaurants offer lighter fare. Plus, we list soup joints that serve up hearty and healthy options.

Q&A With Jere Daniell

In the mid-1980s, Jere Daniell made a commitment to spend the rest of his life “learning as much about New England towns in every dimension possible.” And so he has.

Conquering Clutter in Your Home for the New Year

Getting organized is a top new year’s resolution — accomplish your goals with these helpful tips.

The Photography of Jay Philbrick

NH photographer Jay Philbrick is on a mission to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. From dangling newlyweds off a cliff to submerging ballerinas, his photos capture the unexpected.

Grenfell Hooked Mat Appraisal

This 1920s Grenfell mat is an example of a craft industry that flourished until the Great Depression.

Great Shopping Awaits in Waterville Valley, NH

Reward yourself for making it through the holidays with retail therapy in Waterville Valley.

Remembering Ray Burton

Looking back on Ray Burton's distinguished decades of service to New Hampshire as Executive Councilor.

The Revamped Wild Rover Pub

A slight facelift and new chef in the kitchen gives a familiar favorite an updated feel.

Good Karma Café

Good Karma Café in Exeter is a vegan paradise and source for other healthy located near the Amtrak Station in Exeter.

Pond Hockey History and Tournaments in New Hampshire

From an impromptu game with branches for sticks and a stone for a puck to organized tournaments for adults, the winter tradition of pond hockey is alive and well.
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