Hot new restaurants in NH

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2018's Best New Restaurants

Over the last year, Food Editor Susan Laughlin traveled the state, searching for notable new restaurants. Find out which ones made her list.

2017's Best New Restaurants

From fine dining to juicy burgers, get ready to discover a whole new culinary landscape. Here are this year's best new restaurants, plus other openings, news and expansions.

2016's Best New Restaurants

New Hampshire is bustling with new restaurants this year. Here's a guide to some notable openings and the top 9 new eateries of 2016.

2015's Best New Restaurants

Here are 12 new restaurants - many of them focusing on local sources - we think you should try right now.

The best new chef-owned restaurants

Check out Cure in Portsmouth and DRAE in Derry, NH for a great dining experience.

The Grove at the Woodbound Inn is a must for destination dining

It’s not easy to find the Woodbound Inn in Rindge, but the setting is priceless.

Breweries, pubs and taverns you need to check out

Love good bar food? Then you need to check out Cork N Keg Grill, Hobb's Tavern and Brewing Co, Leaven Beer & Bread, Schuster's Tavern and Woodlands Tavern

Craving comfort food? Here's where you need to go

Burgers, mac and cheese and diner foods are among our favorite comfort foods -- here's where to find the best comfort food in NH

New ethnic restaurant hot spots

Visit another culture without leaving NH with these great new ethnic restaurants.

NH's newest (and best!) seafood restaurants

Profiling Ipswich Clambake and Naticook Fish & Grill

Where you should eat now in New Hampshire!

Our food editor, Susan Laughlin, always keeps an eye out for the next great thing that appears on the New Hampshire culinary scene. Here are her latest picks for “hot new” restaurants from her year of foodie exploration.

The variety of new dining options has never been wider. Taverns and pubs lead the parade with casual food given an extra touch. Chefs with a mission to source locally have created diverse menus in comfortable settings. The proliferation of ethnic restaurants offers a taste of foreign lands, while chef/owners are driven to put forth their best efforts. It’s a good time to dine in New Hampshire. Let’s eat!

Destination Burgers

Sometimes it’s worth the trip just to get these burgers. It would be a sin not to stop in when you’re in the neighborhood anyway.

Click here for a list of New Hampshire destination restaurants.


Steakhouse Burgers

Where’s the beef? It’s at great steakhouses. They may use trimmings from a variety of beef cuts for a mix that is rich and flavorful. Plus, get all the benefits of a creative approach to burgers and the fixings all served with panache and attentive servers.

Click here for a list of New Hampshire steakhouses.


Pub Burgers

Burgers and beer are a marriage that has stood the test of time. Nothing like a fat-filled patty of meat to prepare the stomach for a deluge of beer or bourbon. With a new interest in gastro pubs, chefs are upping the pantry ante for building the best burger around.

Click here for a list of New Hampshire pubs.


NH Restaurants, Bars and Pubs With Great Beer Lists

NH Beer Pubs and Breweries

Looking for a great place to find an interesting beer in New Hampshire? These restaurants, bars and pubs all feature an emphasis on beer. From creative beer lists to bars with dozens of tasty brews on tap, there's sure to be something to fit your mood and appetite.

Click here for a list of restaurants, bars and pubs from around the state.

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