Flavors of the North

Editorial Intern Alexa Estrada attempts two recipes from the new “The Flavor of the Grand North 2018” cookbook.

Raspberry-stuffed and fried French toast

The rolling spruce-lain mountains of northern New Hampshire are rife not only with some of the best views in the Northeast, but are home to a culinary community as dignified as our mighty red oak. “The Flavor of the Grand North 2018” cookbook proves that up in the Grand North, culinary style thrives by using native ingredients gifted specifically to the region by Mother Earth herself.

Decadent pan-fried, raspberry-stuffed French toast at the Omni Mount Washington Resort, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs generously sauced with Fuller’s Sugarhouse maple-barbeque sauce and piping hot, spicy mulled cider that will make you melt into yourself and into your seat on the Mount Washington Cog Railway: These are some of the flavors from New Hampshire’s beloved Great North that are now available for anyone to whip up right at home.

As incompetent as I am in the kitchen, I was still able to follow two recipes almost successfully. First, I tackled the Omni Mount Washington Resort’s raspberry-stuffed French toast, which showcases local raspberries, a crowd-favorite for rabbits and humans alike, and a bold choice for someone who is used to sloughing the carbon off her toast every morning. My attempt went surprisingly well given nothing was set on fire; using crushed cornflakes and frying the toast made for a delightfully crispy exterior.

Nala approves of the Fido’s Favorite Dog Biscuit recipe

However, seeing as I marginally care about myself and my blood sugar, my only grievance is that going forward I would use fresh raspberries instead of raspberry preserves in the filling (the recipe calls for either). Overall, my under-qualified, plebeian culinary opinion gives the recipe a 6/10, docking points off only because I don’t think I did it right. It is definitely something I would order at the resort.

After being humbled by the frying pan, I slowed my roll with the next recipe. “Fido’s Favorite Dog Biscuit,” a recipe by the Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel in Jefferson, was so easy to make, and was given an excellent rating by Nala, professional family dog. With three ingredients, the main one being baby food, the recipe was fool proof; I opted for beef and vegetable baby food although the recipe says you can use carrot, sweet potato, blueberry or beef. 10/10, would make these again.

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