February 2017

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Cabonnay's Culinary Promise

A new dining experience is almost here.

The Art of Stone Walls

Stone walls are iconic markers of New Hampshire’s past, but the art of stacking stone is far from lost.

Romancing the Store

Keeping "ye olde" traditions alive

Uncommon Law

How about "until death do us unite"?

Blind Ambition

Three colleges commission their troupes this month to stage an epic trilogy.

The Franklin Oyster House

Get romantic with oysters and dessert.

Locally Made Lights to Last a Lifetime

Exeter's Northeast Lantern builds fixtures that withstand the test of time.

Maher Abbas' Super Chicken

The Iraq native serves up some of the best chicken in the capital.

Heart Health Today

Atrial fibrillation is on the rise in the US.

Gigi Laberge's Fire and Glass

The Henniker glass artist creates landscapes and jewelry.

Power Surge

After 15 years of bruises, a recharged GOP arises.

Beginner Biathlon

It's not just for winter Olympians — you can try the snowy sport for yourself in Jackson.

Get Your Mush On

Go along for the ride with a local sled dog team.

An Unsung Heroine Has Her Day

"Never Caught" tells the story of a presidential slave who found freedom in New Hampshire.

The Healing Horses of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy offers a range of benefits.

New Hampshire's Winter Greens

A Loudon farm is leading a farming revolution.

Small Bites: February Food News

Cuisine editor Susan Laughlin breaks down the latest food news from around New Hampshire.

Your Letters From the February 2017 Issue

The Best Events for Chocolate-Loving Valentines

Celebrate the holiday with sweets for your sweetie.

Telltale Tails

With films like “The Secret Life of Pets” and “A Dog’s Purpose,” it’s easy to imagine that family pets have their own stories to tell. But it wasn’t always so.

Finding Intervale

An inn-to-inn chocolate tour beckons.

Crafting a Future

One way to escape from prison is to dig a tunnel through rock and soil with a purloined kitchen spoon, but what if all that energy and imagination went instead into creating lasting works of beauty?

Mountain Envy

With respect to Mount Washington, it’s no Kilimanjaro.

Where to Shop for Your Pampered Pet

New Hampshire has a bevy of shops and services offering the very best in supplies for your four-legged friends.

Pet Profiles: Myles Bratter and Rainbow

The Dover biker and his pet Macaw are an adventurous duo with a charitable side.

Pet Profiles: Lisa Lovett, Pip and Dot

Meet Lisa Lovett and her pet Nigerian dwarf goats.

Pet Profiles: Gabriel Durkee and Dee Dee

The Concord native and his rescue dog are an endearing pair with a surprising hobby: black metal music.

Pet Profiles: Saad Hindal and Hantosh

The Iraq-born artist, now living in Concord, finds companionship and creative inspiration in his pet cat.

Pets Are People Too

Maybe pets aren’t actually people, but they can become beloved members of the family — and sometimes the partnership is the stuff of legend.
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