Judy Stewart-Gagnon's "Forest Findings"

Judy Stewart-Gagnon's winter arrangements are the perfect Christmas gift this holiday season

Pictured is one of Judy Stewart-Gagnon’s creations, which range from $19 to $150.

Snow on the driveway isn’t so great, but the vista of snow on the mountains is all New Hampshire.

Floral designer Judy Stewart-Gagnon of South Sutton manages to capture that touch of beauty in her “Forest Findings” arrangements. She gathers a few natural materials and non-needle-shedding bottlebrush trees to make a sweet winter vignette “planted” in an antique sewing machine drawer, flour sifter or repurposed wooden box. They are a perfect ode to the season — no shoveling required.

Stewart-Gagnon has worked with fresh, silk and dried flowers for about 30 years and currently is part of the team at Allioops! Flowers and Gifts in New London. She will also exhibit dried wreaths and similar forest scenes at the Library Arts Center’s Gallery of Gifts craft fair that continues through December 22 in Newport. Her creations are also available at Allioops and a variety of arrangements can be seen on her Facebook page.

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