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Off Piste offers a wide variety of quirky gifts.

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Oops. It’s somehow already holiday season. The moment when the entire house is inventoried, wine glasses have disappeared, there are no candles, your pie plate is cracked, the linen napkins don’t match, and for some reason, there’s no sugar, flour, baking soda or chips in the pantry. Click your heels, Dorothy; it’s time to go to Portsmouth and shop.

Treehouse Toys is where you’ll find something for the youngsters on your list. Toddlers love tub toys, and the Lobster in the Tub is adorable. Look for humongous, colorful dump trucks, zip-up dolls and gigantic puzzles, all waiting to be wrapped. You’ll find all things Breyer for horse lovers (Harper is the horse of the year) and learning kits, such as make-your-own bubble gum or root beer. Puppets, books, lions and tigers, oh my.

For grandparents who want to dress the kids and trot them to church, Lively Kids fits the bill. This is not a typical children’s clothing store. You’ll find little leather character shoes for toddlers, colorful boots for jumping in puddles, bathrobes (think Prince George), internationally inspired dresses from Tea Collection, leggings and more, including adorable lunch boxes for first grade.

You could have a pity party because you have nothing to wear to holiday parties, or you could go to Meraki, where you’ll find a unique way to make a statement without wearing a tight, sequined dress. This shop caters to the active woman who wants to go from the yoga studio to the street. One customer was there before heading to the opera. This year it’s all about artful leggings that look like paintings, paired with chic flowing tops, chunky accessories and flats. Most every item of clothing is under $100.

Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a baby, graduation, a promotion or just want to relax, Federal Cigar is a classic shop/cigar bar with a century-old feel. This handsome store carries an extensive collection of cigars from around the world. Plus, there’s more. Below the shop is a cigar bar fit for the Ritz, tastefully decorated with smart leather chairs and couches. Low lighting makes it feel like a stately library.

Pinch me. Inside Out is ridiculous — it has a euphoric vibe. This store truly has something for everyone: natty clothing for men, women and toddlers along with handmade leather shoes (for him) and all things UGG (they make more than boots). The assortment of cocktail accessories featuring recipe kits, vintage flasks, Mason jars, growlers, recipe guides and more will make you dizzy. Check out the vintage Airstream and VW coolers. (Sally Struthers bought one and had it shipped.)

Off Piste has grown over the years, and it is a laugh-out-loud kind of store full of purposeful and playful items. Here is where you can buy for co-workers (the number 2 pencils with cuss words on them are cute). You’ll discover a wide range of fun and funky items, from floating iPhone holders for recharging to a do-it-yourself ukulele kit. The Bailey workbags (cross-carry when biking) are made locally and are in high demand. You’ll find camp items, smart bottle openers and an assortment of retro products.

Sault New England is a must-stop for any man on your list. Now in its second holiday season, this store bustles. Look for leather wallets, bow ties, Patagonia, tees, vests and high-top Converse sneakers. Cool guys hang out here, and gifts abound. They have business-size cards with snarky expressions to hand to people cornering you at a cocktail party as well as “parking tickets” to place on windshields.

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