Five Local Tea Shops

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” —C. S. Lewis

Made from black tea leaves, green tea leaves, white tea leaves, oolong or herbs, tea is brimming with antioxidants which, when consumed over long periods of time, are said to be effective in disease prevention and anti-aging.

In many Asian countries, the tea ceremony is practiced daily to promote harmony in humanity, inner spirituality and enlightenment.

What better reason to support New Hampshire’s tea blenders for your holiday gifts for loved ones? They all feature recently harvested, quality loose teas that yield a far superior experience to that of who-knows-how-old boxed tea bags.

Slice expert Hillary Davis is the author of "Cuisine Niçoise: Sun-kissed Cooking from the French Riviera" and "French Comfort Food."





The Cozy Tea Cart
104 A Rte. 13
(603) 249-9111

Rising Sun

Tea as art? Watch your “tea ball” bloom before your eyes into a floral bouquet in your cup while you meditate on its beauty. Made from green tea buds and white chrysanthemum flowers.

Visit the retail store selling more than 150 different loose leaf teas from Asia and offering cozy seating and a breakfast and lunch menu.

White Heron Tea Café
601 Islington St.
(603) 501-6266

Organic Winter Warmer Chai

A soul-satisfying blend of Indian black tea leaves with orange and masala spices. Add a bit of milk, sugar, and side with a cookie to shake off the chill of winter.

Visit their café to sample their teas and, for a gift idea, pick up a bag of Early Grey tea and a jar of their Earl Grey Jelly.

Inis Tea Company

Silver Peony White Tea

  Because white tea contains more polyphenols, it has the most powerful anti-cancer properties compared to other teas — one great reason to drink it. Another one is the delicate aroma and pale golden color of this particular blend or Silver Needle and White Peony white tea leaves.

To order from this southern New Hampshire company, visit their website or find their teas in the Chester General Store in Chester.

Symphony of Tea
(603) 229-2024

Plum Oolong

Stephanie Lemon and her tea-blending family live the center of NH, importing teas from around the world. Her Plum Oolong is a blend of organic oolong tea, rosehips, organic schisandra berries and organic hibiscus. It can be steeped and enjoyed up to three times.

Purchase on their website.

Bee Fields Farm
555 Abbot Hill Rd.
(603) 654-1097

Lion’s Heart Herbal Tea

Bee Fields Farm’s most popular tea, Lion’s Heart is made from sacred (holy) basil, lemon balm, heartsease pansy flowers, and rose petals — a blend designed to open the heart and spirit and to calm the mind. They recommend sipping it before or after yoga.

This organic, biodynamic farm grows its own medicinal herbs that they dry into small batches of tea, ensuring best potency and flavor. Buy from them on their online shop.


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