August 2013

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Outdoor Tapas Dining at XO on Elm

XO on Elm in Manchester, NH has returned to its tapas menu and offers an inviting outdoor dining space with couches and tables.

Modern Family Farming at NH's Brookford Farm

Brookford Farm in Canterbury NH is a new first-generation family farm that is using old-world traditions in modern times. In the age of specialization, Brookford Farm in Canterbury, NH is looking back to old-world traditions.

Getting Caught by Sales Tax Outside NH

Author Tincan Caldwell forgets that other states require sales tax.

Rock Music Photographer Joe Stevens

Rock music photographer Joe Stevens, who now lives a quiet life in Portsmouth, once chronicled the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll capturing on film legends such as David Bowie, Paul McCartney and Johnny Cash.

Birches: Learn About New Hampshire's State Tree

Our romance with New Hampshire’s state tree, the elegant birch, is multi-faceted. Discover the many ways our white birches are celebrated and utilized in the Granite State.

August 2013 Letters to the Editor

Your letters from the August 2013 issue.

In Third Place

Most stores are designed to sell us something. They locate on main drags with iconic logos created by high-powered ad firms. store colors are chosen by experts, music plays to a beat that encourages hunting and gathering, aisles are carefully mapped for monetary feng shui.

Q&A With NHPR Host Brady Carlson

NHPR's "All Things Considered" host Brady Carlson made it his lifelong quest to visit presidential graves and memorials.

Finding Lost NH Waterfalls With Photographer Chris Whiton

New Hampshire photographer Chris Whiton rediscovers and photographs "lost" waterfalls throughout the state.

Where to Shop in North Hampton, NH

Take a detour away from the beach to discover classy shopping in North Hampton on New Hampshire's seacoast.

Review of Granite Restaurant & Bar in Concord, NH

The Centennial Inn's Granite Restaurant & Bar in Concord is a beautifully renovated space offering fine dining and a late-night sampling menu.

NH Community Seafood

Ever dream of going to buy the day’s catch right off the boat? Happily, it’s now possible through NH Community Seafood’s CSF — Community Supported Fishery.

Six Frozen Yogurt Spots in NH

Six different frozen yogurt shops are reviewed and compared to help you find the perfect summer treat.

Review of The White Mountain Hotel and Resort

Gorgeous views and seafood delights are offered at the White Mountain Resort in Hale's Location, NH.

Treating and Understanding Thyroid Disease

Hormone imbalance brought on by thyroid disease can cause a host of problems from weight loss and anxiety to palpitations and high blood pressure.

How To Recognize and Stop Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is seldom discussed, but is sadly all too common. Local NH experts offer warning signs and resources.

Summer Nostalgia at Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH

A fun summer day at Canobie Lake Park in Salem is capped off with dinner at the Tuscan Kitchen.

A Review of "Local Flavor" by Jean Mann

“Local Flavor: From the Farmers’ Markets of the Monadnock Region” by Jean Mann instructs you on how to use all the great veggies found at farmers markets.

Coffin Cellars Blackberry Wine

Blackberry wine at Coffin Cellars in Webster, NH is a perfect summer drink.

Brookline Sculptor John Weidman

Brookline sculptor John Weidman developed the annual Bridges and Connections International Sculpture Symposium at the Andres Institute of Art.

A Guide to New Hampshire's General Stores

General stores have changed with the times over the last 200 years. Some closed their doors, but dozens adapted to modern life — without losing their historical roots — and still thrive here in New Hampshire.

Plan a Summer Weekend in North Conway, NH

North Conway means skiing to us, the place we spend February vacation playing in the snow. We decided it was about time to see it in the summer.

The Basics of Surfing in New Hampshire

Surfing tips and advice from local expert and surf shop owner Tyler McGill. Plus, information on the basic gear you need to get started.

How to Design Your Living Room

Avoid living room traps — overly formal or comfy-but-ugly — with these design tips from local New Hampshire interior designers.

Auto Dealer Bill of Rights

How the obscure Auto Dealer Bill of Rights became a New Hampshire law and the popular casino bill did not.

NH Antiques Week & A Dublin, NH, Wooden Souvenir Stein

Find out about the annual New Hampshire Antiques Week and an early 20th century wooden souvenir stein.
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