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Nordic skating in the North East

Nordic skating is an invigorating way to experience winter

Have you ever considered adventure travel?

Guided, unguided, some of each? you have a choice with adventure travel

An intro to the sport of fastpacking

Rapid, long-distance mountain travel, on foot, over multiple days, camping, and practiced skill sets that institute self-sufficiency and efficiency on the mountain.

Mount Monadnock: exploring southern NH's tallest peak

Mount Monadnock is the third most climbed mountain in the world — and for good reason

Thrill Seeker? Check Out Downhill Mountain Biking

Check out what's happening on the slopes during the summer season

Finding Lost NH Waterfalls With Photographer Chris Whiton

New Hampshire photographer Chris Whiton rediscovers and photographs "lost" waterfalls throughout the state.

The Basics of Surfing in New Hampshire

Surfing tips and advice from local expert and surf shop owner Tyler McGill. Plus, information on the basic gear you need to get started.

Zipline Adventures in New Hampshire

View the New Hampshire landscape from a new perspective - while you zip through the trees!

Racquetball Rapid Fire

If you're looking for a new way to stay active, the indoor sport of racquetball may be for you. Read about the game and the expert advice from Chris Zalegowski.

Benson's Wild Animal Farm Revisited

Once a wild animal farm, Benson's in Hudson is now a recreational park area open to the public.
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