April 2017

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John Stark: A Hero for His Time and Ours

To remind us what a true hero looks and acts like, we’ve enlisted a local historian and an entire class of illustration students from the NH Institute of Art to illuminate the essential words and deeds of the man who set the standard for selfless heroics.


I borrowed the above title from a quotation cited by one of this year’s top doctors; mostly because I love big, useful and obscure words, but it also sums up so much in this issue.

Moose Encounters

Of the close kind.

You're Fired?

Law and fairness aren’t always the same.

Making the Barn a Home

Converting barn spaces put a new twist on aging in place.

Spring Deviled Eggs with Bacon and Dill

The Happiest Country Mouse

A local author discovers the voice of New Hampshire's Troubadour.

Three New Books for Your New Hampshire Shelf

Check out the latest local books to add to your collection.

Belated Thank-You

A local man is spearheading a long-delayed thanks for a community of pre-WWII heroes.

Matbah Mediterranean Cuisine

The Turkish eatery is the latest addition to a Manchester block that's packed with global cuisine.

Understanding Gluten

What's the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?

Small Bites: April Food News

Cuisine editor Susan Laughlin breaks down the latest food news from around New Hampshire.

UNH Is Making Your Food Smarter

Farming may be old-school, but at the University of New Hampshire, it’s a science.

Dark Artist Andrew Pinard

The magician's latest trick is conjuring up the Hatbox Theatre in Concord.

Jennifer Reilly Diggs' House Chickens

Diggs makes feathered friends with no coop required from her roost in Warner.

Electoral Radar

This could be the end for same-day registration.

Wander to Drewsville

Our "Our Town" columnist takes an unplanned journey to a charming town.

Tuscan Kitchen Expands

Mangia to one and all!

Inside the Emergency Room

Real-life drama unfolds every day in ERs around the state.

Your Letters From the April 2017 Issue

The Best Upcoming Comedy Events

Leave the April fooling to the professionals with these five side-splitting shows.
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Our Favorite Upcoming Events

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