Top Doctors Readers' Poll Winners 2016

Top Vote-Getters and Leading Physicians from the 2015 Top Doctors Readers' Poll

Each year we ask the doctors of the state to tell us which specialist they would recommend to family or a friend in need of health care. For the sixth year, we also asked our readers to share their point of view. After all, who knows the personal quality of health care better than the patients? We invited picks for one doctor in each of the following specialty areas:

*Best General Practitioner (Family Practice)
*Best Obstetrician
*Best Pediatrician
*Best Alternative/Complementary Health Practitioner

Plus, following the list you'll find stories, submitted by our readers, that describe New Hampshire doctors who have gone "above and beyond" the call of duty for their patients.

General/Family Practice

Top Vote-Getter

James Bloomer, M.D.
Your Medical Home
Exeter, (603) 418-6310
Past Readers’ Poll Top Doctor

Leading Physicians

Christopher Riccio, M.D.
Medicine-Pediatrics of Nashua
Nashua, (603) 594-6337
Past Readers’ Poll Leading Physician
Past Leading Physician

Anna Zielinska, M.D.
Family Practice of South Nashua
Nashua, (603) 888-5573

Jason Emmick, M.D.
Elliot Pediatrics and Primary Care
Raymond, (603) 895-8000


Top Vote-Getter

Everett Lamm, M.D.
Exeter Hospital
Core Pediatrics
Exeter, (603) 772-8900
Past Readers’ Poll Top Doctor and Leading Physician

Leading Physicians

Steven Loh, M.D.
Exeter Pediatrics
Exeter, (603) 772-8900
Past Readers’ Poll Leading Physician
Past Top Doctor and Past Leading Physician

Christopher Riccio, M.D.
Medicine-Pediatrics of Nashua
Nashua, (603) 594-6337
Past Readers’ Poll Leading Physician
Past Leading Physician


Top Vote-Getter

Denise McHugh, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Generations OB/GYN
Nashua, (603) 577-3131
Past Readers’ Poll Leading Physician

Leading Physicians

Karen Maynard, M.D., FA.C.O.G.
Women’s Care of Nashua
Nashua, (603) 577-3100
Past Top Doctor and Past Leading Physician
Past Readers’ Poll Top Doctor and Leading Physician

Janine Keever, M.D., FA.C.O.G.
Foundation OB/GYN
Nashua, (603) 577-3131


Top Vote-Getter

Matt Hand, D.O.
Elliot Pediatric Integrative Medicine
Manchester, (603) 663-8400

Leading Providers

Marney Roemmelt, M.D.
Sage Integrative Medicine
Stratham, (603) 583-4780

Ian Bier, N.D.
Human Nature Natural Health
Portsmouth, (603) 610-7778

Margarita Ochoa-Maya, M.D.
Advanced Health and Wellbeing
Nashua, (603) 606-1611
Past Readers’ Poll Top Provider and Past Readers’ Poll Leading Provider

Julia Greenspan, N.D. 

Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine
109 Ponemah Rd., Suite 9
Amherst, (603) 249-5771
Past Readers’ Poll Leading Provider

Jessica Caruso, D.C.
Healing Hands Chiropractic
Manchester, (603) 434-3456

Reader Stories of Health Care Heroes

"Dr. Ann Dobbins has been with me since the moment I found out I was pregnant, all the way through my now 8-year-old daughter’s birth. My daughter was born with a severe medical condition, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, otherwise known as Brittle Bone Disease. She has made special visits to the in-patient treatment rooms at the hospital just to see how she was doing, after she made a decision to admit her. This decision ultimately saved my daughter’s life when she was 2 years old. She was having trouble breathing, and her O2 stats were in the high seventies. Dr. Dobbin reacted with poise, experience and intelligence, as she does in all of our visits, whatever the purpose of the visit may be. There is never a time when I call that I am not treated as though we are extremely important, and that is a feeling that is so necessary when trusting your children’s health to another person."

"I transferred to Dr. Danielle Albushies after my gynecologist left the practice. As a young woman, having a new doctor for your first pregnancy is alarming and scary. Dr. Albushies was there for all of my questions, all of my concerns and afterwards when I was an awkward, unsure, first-time mom. A few years later, when we wanted to add to our family and were struggling, she met with my husband and me to review options. Her first thought was to check for endometriosis, which required a visit to day surgery. After surgery and another month of failure to conceive, I wanted to throw in the towel. But lo and behold, the month after, we found out I was pregnant. She greets her patients as a friend and remembers the little details. She takes the time to listen and the time to explain. I never feel rushed when I have an appointment with her."

"Dr. John Yost goes above and beyond for his patients. I feel as though he makes it a point to know me personally, and he takes the time to listen and treat each patient on an individual level. He has the ability to speak in a way that helps you understand what is happening to you, why he is proposing the treatment plan and what you can expect for results. On more than one occasion I had flare-ups for which I needed immediate medical treatment, and he always worked to fit me into his already over-booked schedule. When you are there you never feel rushed and feel he has taken the time to fully evaluate the situation, makes suggestions, but lets you advocate for yourself and what you are comfortable choosing for a treatment option."

"A few months ago we went to see Dr. Everett Lamm regarding my 10-year-old son. He sat so patiently listening to our every concern. I was sure that he had patients after us waiting but he never acted frazzled or pushed us out. That appointment was a vital piece to helping my son. He was then diagnosed with anxiety and depression and now regularly sees a therapist. Dr. Lamm’s patience and questions led us to the path so my son could get the help he needed. He never brushes off our concerns and always makes us feel like we are the most important patient of the day."

"Dr. Janine Keever is a true gem. She is amazing at what she does and has the best heart. She truly saved my babies’ lives. Here’s our story: My husband and I were taking a short vacation before our twins were born. I had just been to my local OBGYN and was told this little vacation was fine. My pregnancy was high risk, so we would keep our trip short. The night we arrived at our destination, I started feeling ill and my water broke prematurely in the early hours of the morning. I was taken to the local hospital via ambulance. I was terrified. Upon arrival, I noticed not many staff members were there, and there were no doctors to deliver babies. Dr. Keever was called, and she jumped into action. She flew to that hospital. She literally had law enforcement following her with lights flashing and still didn’t stop. She let them follow her all the way to the hospital and when she got out, she told them about the situation while running to my bedside. After examining me, we flew to the operating room to do an emergency C-section. My babies were delivered in less than 90 seconds. She went above and beyond for a family she had never met in a terrifying situation. She was my angel that night. She definitely deserves every reward out there for going above and beyond the call of duty."

"Dr. John Gorman is my rheumatologist. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2011. Several times throughout my care, Dr. Gorman has gone above and beyond to make sure I have received the best and most accurate diagnosis and treatment. He takes the time to look over my symptoms as a whole and not only considers his area of expertise, but also takes into account what other areas could be causing a problem. Just recently, I had an issue that I believed was Lupus related, but it could have also been orthopedic. Dr. Gorman examined me, took X-rays and decided additional testing would be needed. Since we were unsure if this was Lupus or orthopedic, Dr. Gorman exceeded his responsibility by directly calling my orthopedic doctor. Dr. Gorman’s additional efforts saved me not only having to explain the situation for the second time, but also helped determine the additional testing, X-rays, etc. A simple phone call made life and an already frustrating and painful situation so much easier. I am grateful and feel blessed to have such a caring and compassionate doctor."

"This doctor literally saved my life. In a sea of doctors that can’t — or won’t — treat or often misdiagnose Lyme disease, my chiropractor referred me to Dr. Geordie Thomson. He’s an incredibly knowledgeable man who won’t give up and works with some of the most difficult cases. Mine was one of them. I had already been misdiagnosed, and been given the standard Lyme test and was told it was negative. Long story short, I did have a severe case of Lyme and three infections along with West Nile virus. I’m allergic to many medications, yet he found alternative homeopathic and regular medications to treat a complicated case. I’m well now, thanks to this 'guru' of modern culture remedies!"


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