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NH Fairs and Festivals

Excited for the Deerfield Fair, Highland Games, Pumpkin Festival and Hampton Beach Seafood Festival?

Click here for more information and dates for this year's annual New Hampshire Fairs and Festivals.

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Summer Charity Golf Events in NH

Grab your clubs and get ready to golf for a good cause. Here's a list of great charity tournaments happening in summer 2014.

The New Hampshire Fisher Cats' Restaurant Mascot Race

You can catch the mascot race at the New Hampshire Fisher Cats through August 28. Before you go, find out what it was like to participate!

League of NH Craftsmen's Fair

The League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair is now 81 years old, and this year there’s more to see and do than ever before.

Ultimate Local Eating Experience - The Festival of Earthly Delights

Taste your way around New Hampshire all in once place on August 10 at the Festival of Earthly Delights in Haverhill, NH.

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Late Summer Weekend Trip to Newfound Lake

Those lazy days of late summer are perfect for a weekend of exploring New Hampshire’s secret lake

Unwinding in Wolfeboro

There’s no better place to spend a sunny summer weekend than on the quiet side of New Hampshire’s biggest lake.

Beer Lovers' Guide to NH

Looking for a local brew? Want to pull up a stool at a brew pub? Interested in home brewing? We've got these topics - and many more - covered on our NH beer page.

Click here to check out our Beer Lovers' Guide to NH.

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Four Easy Day Trips on the Connecticut River

Though some ambitious paddlers have traveled the river from its source to the ocean, this great recreational resource offers a number of day trips ideal for even the novice canoer.

Guide to Extreme Summer Fun in New Hampshire

There’s extreme boxing, extreme sports and extreme workouts, even extreme couponing, so why not extreme summer fun? Here are some suggestions.

Discover the Secrets of Story Land

An insider’s guide to historical curiosities, forgotten fairytale lore and pre-Disney entertainment on the park’s 60th anniversary.

NH Farmers Markets

Where to find local produce, meat, baked goods, crafts and much more throughout New Hampshire.

Click here for a list of farmers markets from around the state.

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The Wildman Biathlon at Wildcat Mountain

Billed as “New England’s toughest single-day, multi-sport event,” the Wildman Biathlon at Wildcat Mountain is celebrating its 26th year on August 9.

Thrill Seeker? Check Out Downhill Mountain Biking

Check out what's happening on the slopes during the summer season