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The New Hampshire Vacation Quiz

A test you can't fail (probably)
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Others Day

My very first note as editor of the precursor of this magazine was for the May issue, back in 1993. Naturally, I took advantage of the column to sneak in a quick “Happy Mother’s Day” to my mom.


I borrowed the above title from a quotation cited by one of this year’s top doctors; mostly because I love big, useful and obscure words, but it also sums up so much in this issue.
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Royal Revelations

Seven things you probably didn’t know about Benning Wentworth, our first Royal Governor

Moose Encounters

Of the close kind.

New Hampshire Noob

A thorough (or is it thoro?) guide to what I’ve learned so far
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Town Meeting

Quaint tradition or microcosm of national politics?

Electoral Radar

This could be the end for same-day registration.

The Bigger Picture

Changing the Electoral College would make NH voters less powerful.
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