A Pair of Hidden-Gem Cafés

Manchester's Millyard boasts two great lunch spots

Daily specials, such as this shrimp dish, are always a draw at Bayona Café in downtown Manchester’s Jefferson Mill building.

Bayona Café is located in the Jefferson Mill. Enter through the doors under the sign and take a right down the hallway. The café is tucked into the underpinnings of the brick Goliath, and owner Keri Laman uses the structural elements as part of the décor. Lunch can be an interesting superfood salad, Provençal vegetable pasta bowl, Tuscan chicken flatbread, cheesy grilled cheese or the daily special such as the scaled-down shrimp entrée special shown above.

Sister restaurant Waterworks Café is tucked into the rear of the Waumbec building farther south down Commercial Street. Here, Laman offers a grilled pesto chicken sandwich served with great-tasting fries and several light lunches that could be considered a light entrée to grab and take home for dinner later. A house specialty is the French dip with house-aged beef served in an NYC ironworker’s lunch box.

Both are open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and Waterworks is open on Saturday. Bayona Café, Jefferson Mill, 670 N. Commercial St., bayonacafe.com; Waterworks Café, 250 Commercial St., waterworkscafe.com

Bayona Café
Jefferson Mill
670 N. Commercial St.
(603) 782-3450

Waterworks Café
250 Commercial St.
(603) 782-5088

Both are open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday, and Waterworks is open on Saturday.

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