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It may be fortuitous or it may be planned, but Gill’s Indian Bar and Grill is located in a strip mall near Gill Stadium at 245 Maple St. in Manchester. Gursharan Gill, owner and manager, remodeled the space in 2005 to give his authentic-style Indian food restaurant an American appearance. The walls are white and devoid of what you might expect in an exotic restaurant. Tucked in the corner is a beautiful mahogany bar. It seems Mr. Gill worked for Joe’s American Bar and Grill for several years and that became the template for his own place. I am not sure the beautiful bar will ever become a hopping hangout, but the food is terrific. The best place to start is at a lunch buffet ($7.99). Here, Gill puts out a daily feast of Indian cuisine, with items that are taken from the dinner menu on a rotating basis. To start there is a Kachumber (cucumber) salad, a variety of chutneys and lassi. You will find the expected chicken Tandoori and a variety of dals (lentils) and pakora (fritters). Everywhere you look are all the foods you are supposed to eat; chickpeas, red lentils and eggplant mixed with more vegetables and cooked-to-tender meats. The spices are not overwhelming, and the foods are truly a nice culinary journey. Don’t miss the Indian breads baked fresh daily, including one made with chickpea flour, and naan, a traditional flatbread, made in the tandoor oven in back. Mr. Gill, as he refers to himself, is CIA-trained with a culinary degree and 25 years in the restaurant business. He’ll greet you at the door with a warm welcome. Gill’s Indian Bar and Grill, 245 Maple St., Manchester, (603) 627-3054,


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