Best of NH 2014 Pizzerias and Ethnic Food Restaurants

Whether you feel like a slice of pizza or want to travel around the world without leaving New Hampshire, this is the list for you!

From left: Readers' Poll Winner the Tuscan Kitchen, Readers' Poll Winner 900 Degrees, Editor's Pick N'awlins Grille and Editor's Pick the Bantam Grill. Photos by Susan Laughlin.


Kimchi: You might think that kimchi (a traditional Korean fermented side dish) is an acquired taste, but if you’ve ever had the real deal, then you know it can be delicious. This good-for-you dish is now available locally from Micro Mama’s online and in select stores. Owner Stephanie Zydenbos-Heino sources from New Hampshire farmers to create organic, local, healthy varieties including daikon ginger, carrot, beets and more.

Local Tapas: Moxy in downtown Portsmouth has it all going on — a mix of modern, lively and casual atmosphere, delicious Spanish-style tapas, creative (and very talented) chefs and a long list of locally sourced ingredients (from both New Hampshire and New England) that range from cheese and vegetables to beer and wine.

Pad Thai: If you’re one who always (or mostly) orders pad Thai in Thai restaurants, you know the quality of the dish can vary greatly. Rest assured, at Asian Delight in Franklin, you’ll find pad Thai that’s not only perfectly made, but beautifully presented too. Take note, pad Thai connoisseurs — you don’t have to go a metro restaurant to get the best. 

Pasta: Pasta is best taken in small amounts, freshly made and artfully presented. Bantam Grill in Peterborough takes the high road with house-made handmade ravioli sauced with a lovely Parmesan cream and accented with basil pesto. Chef Weldon Harris hails from Chicagoland and previously worked at Spiaggia, one of Obama’s favorite spots when he was an Illinois senator.

Red Sox Maki: At Mint Bistro in Manchester you have two menu choices: the globally inspired dinner menu or a long list of sushi options made at the restaurant’s sushi bar. You can order from both, but we strongly recommend that you make the Red Sox Maki a part of your next meal. Made with jumbo Pacific scallop tempura, spicy mayo and topped with tuna, crispy shredded potato, avocado and cilantro, this is like eating a delicious work of art.

Saganaki: The Way We Cook in Manchester offers Mediterranean cuisine heavily weighted toward Greek and Italian cuisine. That emphasis reflects the heritage of the owners, both cooks who work the kitchen and their real jobs. Their saganaki is a great way to start an evening with a bit of flame, flash and oily cheese.

Savory Meatballs: DRAE in Derry has happened upon a perfect formula. D (Chef/owner Derek) and RAE (his wife, Wendy Rae) have created a pleasant setting to drink and dine, starting with a solid martini menu and finishing with a range of tapas from ceviche to fried chickpeas covered in DRAE essence to savory Albondigas — tender meatballs served with vermouth sage cream sauce.

Seasonal Tapas: Rosa Paolini at XO on Elm in Manchester is always upping the ante on her menu and establishment. Wanting to bring in fresh and local foods this summer, the tapas specials of the day reflect the season, starting this June with strawberry lavender soup. Here’s to your health in a sensational way.

Tableside Caesar: A salad is a nice way to start a meal, but why not add a bit of theatre. At The Colosseum Restaurant in Salem, your waiter will toss a salad for two with a bit of aplomb and garlic. The garlic is muddled with lemon and olive oil, egg, seasonings and anchovies if you dare. Please do, it’s the heart of a Caesar salad.

Taste of Nola: Sultry jazz wafting through open windows, servers wearing a bit of glitz from the ‘20s and a menu that tastes of Bourbon Street are all part of the fun and fantasy at N’awlins Grille & Live Jazz on Elm Street in Manchester. The dark interior, over-sized artist portraits and Spanish moss dripping from the ceiling are the perfect setting to enjoy jambalaya and étoufée.

Taste of Rome: Restaurateurs Ed Aloise and Claudia Rippee, owners of Republic, have done it again. Their latest venture, Campo Enoteca on Elm Street in Manchester, captures the spirit of simple Roman cooking without the jet lag. Discover interesting charcuterie and creative salads. An Italian pasta machine shapes a variety of pastas including the spaghetti for the carbonara made authentically without cream. As in Rome, the emphasis is on fresh. And as with Republic, the bottom line is local.  

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