Best of NH 2012 Delis, Catering, Cafes and Breakfast

This portion of Best of NH includes breakfast spots, delis, cafes, great pancakes served with local maple syrup, gourmet meals to go and more.

The Red Arrow Diner in Milford and Manchester

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Bagel: Located in the heart of the University of New Hampshire campus, The Bagelry in Durham serves some of the best bagels around. For a two-fer taste, try the bagel pizza.

Bagel (National Chain): Panera's bagels are always freshly made and are always delicious.

Bagel (Regional Chain): Start the day off right with a warm and delicious bagel at The Works Bakery Café in one of their many locations in New Hampshire. Don't forget to pick your favorite flavor of cream cheese!

Breakfast Place: Open 24 hours, Red Arrow 24 Hr Diners in Manchester and Milford offer up the quintessential diner breakfast. Try the famous hash brown specials loaded with cheese, veggies, chili, kielbasa or ham.

*Cheese Cake: Who doesn't love cheese? Chef Kristy Ammann at Butters Fine Food and Wine has taken the cheese platter from good to glorious with her very original Cheese Cakes. A trained pastry chef, she was inspired by the countless wedding cakes she has baked. (The first one replaced the groom's cake for a cheese-obsessed husband-to-be.) Kristy creates her multi-tiered "cakes" by stacking wheels of beautiful New Hampshire, Vermont and imported cheeses and decorates them with fresh flowers and crispbread ruffles.

Delicatessen: Catch the game or grab a generous deli sandwich to bring home at Biederman's Deli and Pub in Plymouth.

The "Cheese Cake" from Butter's in Concord

Delicatessen (National Chain): You'll never be disappointed with Hannaford's choices at its deli. Great grocery store chain with many different locations.

Delicatessen (Regional Chain): Family owned and run, McKinnon's Market in Salem and recently opened in Portsmouth is the best place around to get fresh cut deli meat.

Diner: Take a flash back to the 1950s at the Tilt'n Diner in Tilton. Serving all of the classic options, you'll get a true experience of what a diner should be.

Gourmet To Go: Angela's Pasta and Cheese Shop packs a huge selection of pastas, cheeses, wines, prepared meals and specialty groceries into its cozy Manchester store.

*Macaroni and Cheese: Depending on how you look at it, knowing that there is creamy and oh-so-satisfying macaroni and cheese all ready to go and waiting for you at the Extra Touch Gourmet Café is either the best news or the worst news. The café, located at the New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute in Bedford, offers a large menu of meals besides mac and cheese (but why would you order anything else?) that you can heat at home, bring back to the office or enjoy right there in the cozy dining area.

Pancakes: Polly's Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill is a true New Hampshire breakfast spot. Real maple syrup on top of tender pancakes from fresh-ground flours makes this place one step above the rest.

Pancakes (National Chain): Even though IHOP is a national chain, every time you go, you feel like you're at a local restaurant. With plate- sized pancakes, you'll never leave feeling hungry.

Sunday Brunch: Wentworth by the Sea Hotel and Spa offers the best Sunday brunch around. Their selection ranges from delicious steaks for lunch to omelets made to order, served in a grand hotel setting.

Sunday Brunch (Local Chain): The Common Man provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a vast array of choices for Sunday brunch.

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