Pet Profiles: Gabriel Durkee and Dee Dee

A black metal rocker meets his match

Originally from Concord, guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Durkee is now part of the Boston black metal scene, keeping busy with two active bands, side projects and tours. The past year saw big changes in his life: rehab, recovery and Dee Dee. Gabriel met Dee Dee, a pitbull/Catahoula mix, in northern California, where she was wandering a mountain road wearing a gnawed-off rope. When efforts to find Dee Dee’s family proved fruitless, Gabriel found himself a first-time dog owner. “I made the mistake of naming her,” he jokes.

He and sweet-tempered Dee Dee were a perfect match. “It was serendipitous,” he says. “Dee Dee is really beautiful. She loves everyone.” When he realized his addiction was affecting his ability to care for her, he got help. “She’s been a really huge part of rebuilding my whole routine,” he says. “I kind of just poured myself into her.”

Gabriel and Dee Dee enjoy exploring their neighborhood park, playing fetch and snuggling on the couch watching movies. Dee Dee seems indifferent to music but likes chasing squirrels. “She just kind of fell into my lap,” Gabriel says. “Now I’m so happy I have her.”

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