February 2012


Curling Rocks

Did you know there are places you can learn curling in NH?

Protecting Your Finances

Investing for retirement requires a different piggy bank.

Representative Democracy?

One myth is that most people in New Hampshire know their state reps.

Form and Flower: NH Metalworker Paulette Werger

Design elements great and small in precious metal.

Live Free or Cut Bait

Sometimes it takes guts to be a traveling male nurse.


Planning an affordable - and fun - night out in the Gate City.

Downtown Keene

We wanted a romantic Valentine getaway without any driving, so Keene's compact downtown, laid-back but filled with diversions even in mid-winter, was the natural choice.

Letters to the Editor

Your letters from the February 2012 issue.

The Luster of Littleton

The walkable downtown of Littleton is a joy to shop.

Window Treatments for Your Home

Window treatments are the key to beautiful design.

Keep a Clear Path: Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis can be serious. Here are ways to prevent and recognize the signs of DVT.

Shio Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

If you are looking for something different, try Shio in Portsmouth. The maki (rolls rapped in rice or seaweed) list is long and each day there are daily specials.

The World as We Know It

Reviewing "The World as We Know It" by Joseph Monninger.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Not all fast food is bad for you and the environment.

Food Lovers' Guide: Asian Specialty Markets

A World of Goods: Look East for Healthy Cuisine

Dream With Me

I'd start this note with 'twas the night before Christmas but that sounds so 2011. Still, That's when plans for this February issue took a memorable turn.

57 Things We (and Our Favorite Celebs) Love About the Granite State

We asked people a simple question: "What do you most love about New Hampshire?" Many mentioned big-time celebrities and local stars who call themselves Granite Staters, so we turned right around and asked the stars the same question. Here are the answers we got, and we've really only scratched the ever-loving surface.

Food Lovers' Guide: Farmstead Raw Milk & Cheeses

Whey to Go!

Food Lovers' Guide: Herbs and Condiments

On the Side: A Cottage Industry

Food Lovers' Guide: Local Markets

That's Special - Organic products are just one reason to shop at local markets.

Food Lovers' Guide: Local Meats

Meat Up: These Farmers are Home on the Range

NH Love Stories: Sid and Sara

A part of our February issue series profiling five New Hampshire couples' real life love stories.

Verde Sole Zinfandel

Christian Vitone, of Amherst, has created a really nice Zinfandel as his first release for his new company, Vitone Family Wines. Vitone has all the blessings of his familial Italian heritage. His grandfather made wine in the basement by purchasing grapes shipped East from California; the family enjoyed wines with every meal while he was growing up.

Food Lovers' Guide: Fresh Produce

Yes, please eat your vegetables.

Of Dogs and DNA: Debbie Logan

As the property manager of the dog-friendly 364-unit Twin Ponds Development rental community in Nashua, Debbie Logan soon discovered that not all of the residents were responsible pet owners.

NH Love Stories: Chicken Farmer Rock

A part of our February issue series profiling five New Hampshire couples' real life love stories.

Food Lovers' Guide: Fish

Fish Tales: From the Docks to You

NH Love Stories: Pam and Craig

NH Love Stories: Lori and Morgan

A part of our February issue series profiling five New Hampshire couples' real life love stories.

Valentine's Day Treats

Five out of the ordinary Valentine's Day Treats.

NH Love Stories: Dick and Peggy

A part of our February issue series profiling five New Hampshire couples' real life love stories.

Ariana's: A Farmhouse Restaurant

Farmhouse dining at this Orford farm is a gourmet treat in a rustic setting.

Food Lover's Guide: Bread and Pasta

With the Grain: All the Pastabilities

NH Love Stories: Richmond and Geraldine

A part of our February issue series profiling five New Hampshire couples' real life love stories.

Home and Heart: Joan Woodhead

Joan Woodhead, president of the Concord-based Pierce Brigade, is dedicated to preserving the Franklin Pierce legacy.

Painting Passion: A $14,000 Painting

Viewing Mt. Monadnock from all angles.


Featured Events

  • From the Barrel Brewing Company Grand Opening


    From the Barrel Brewing Company, LLC, a family owned brewery, is pleased to announce its Grand Opening Celebration, which will take place on...

  • Sneakers and Speakers Benefit Concert


    Rock On Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be holding its Sneakers and Speakers Benefit Concert on Saturday, July 12 at Redhook...

  • Artists Weekend at The Fells


    See the natural beauty and colorful gardens that The Fells is known for, through the eyes of prominent New England as they create en plein air....

  • Granite State Brewers Association Festival


    A brewers festival and chicken wing competition organized by the Granite State Brewers Association and Intown Manchester to benefit the Granite...

  • League of NH Craftsmen's Fair


    The League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair is now 81 years old, and this year there’s more to see and do than ever before. The fair showcases...

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