Your Letters From the December 2016 Issue

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Loving Beer
Excellent reading — first time that I picked up the magazine. Being someone who enjoys trying new beers, I thoroughly enjoyed “Quest for (Backroads) Beer” [October 2016]. I had no idea about those breweries. The other articles were just as enjoyable. Thank you!

Steve Szablak
Lowell, Massachusetts

New Trial
I have no idea as to Pam Smart’s guilt or innocence, but I am convinced that her trial was grossly unfair and very prejudicial. I watched every minute of it and could not believe my eyes and ears as to how the courtroom was managed. Her case deserves a full and impartial review as soon as possible.

Jean Hayden Anderson

Stick to Fall
First, I would like to say I love your magazine! I give gift subscriptions to many of my friends who may or may not live in our beautiful state. That being said, I would like to express my disappointment on your recent cover. While the story of Ms. Smart [“Innocent?” November 2016] might be of interest to a few, surely you could have come up with a beautiful fall cover. Just look out the window to see how beautiful our state is, especially at this time of the year.

I certainly don’t want to explain who that person is on the cover to my grandchildren — some things are best left to the back pages.

This is the first time I have ever written to any publication, but with all the real news happening, I think this was a poor choice.

Donna Girard

Cover Suggestion
I was surprised to see Pam Smart on your Nov. 2016 cover. I guess I expected a lovely fall picture of food or décor. I feel an article inside would have been sufficient. Maybe if she was in an orange prison jumpsuit with a foliage backdrop it may have worked.

I do enjoy your magazine and past covers.

Christie Eberhardt

Not Coffee Table Material
Pam Smart on your cover — what were you thinking? That issue will certainly not be left on our coffee table. This story should be put to rest and certainly not be part of what you are trying to provide to your readers. People affected by this crime should not have to revisit this through tabloid journalism. Please cancel our subscription.

Shaun G. Berry
Ellen C. Berry

Wolfeboro Falls

Should Pam Smart be released? Absolutely — as soon as Gregg Smart is out of his grave and back among the living. Not possible, so throw away the key.

E. Johnson

To the Bin
I am not a fan of the cover of your November issue. With all the beauty that surrounds us in New Hampshire, especially this time of year, why in the world would you choose to disgrace your cover with an unappealing photo of Pamela Smart? This issue will not find the magazine’s usual spot on my coffee table, nor will I read it. With great disappointment I will deposit it in the recycling bin.

Susan Caesar

Another One for the Bin
To say that I was disappointed in your November cover would be an understatement. While I have no objection to a story about Pam Smart, to place her on the cover gives her much more importance than she deserves, especially during a month when so many other good events are happening in New Hampshire. The November issue was read hastily and placed in the recycling bin.

Michele Hansen

Bad Choice

At this beautiful time of year, this is what you choose to put on the cover of the Nov. issue of New Hampshire Magazine?

Linda Heroux

You’re on Notice
We found the magazine cover of the 2016 November New Hampshire Magazine to be repulsive. Our opinion is that your magazine should not be a platform for convicted felons! There are so many things that can be on the cover to invite people into our great state. We are longtime New Hampshire residents and look forward to the magazine each month. It guides us to events and places we can explore. We are extremely disappointed with your choice for the cover.   If this type of decision-making continues, then we will be canceling our subscription!

R. Peter & Pam McGinnity

On a Happier Note

The Pam Smart story was well-written — maybe good things will happen now for her. 

Whoever makes up the ad for the dentists on page 19 has a good imagination.

Fall colors are at peak here in Cromwell.  I was up in Bartlett for a few days, it was so clear — everyone was quite happy.

Mary Franklin
Cromwell, Connecticut 

Editor’s note: Award-winning journalist Nancy West thoroughly examined both sides of the Pamela Smart story: those who believe Smart should be released, and those who are certain she belongs in jail for the rest of her life. As we predicted, the lively discussion between those two camps continues in the comments section of the story online.We invite you to add your thoughts by visiting

Addendum: In our credits for the Pamela Smart story, we failed to acknowledge the contributions of Wendy Mendelsohn, who assisted tremendously in arranging and procuring the photos and interview with Smart.


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