Rocking Horse Christmas on December 16

Join this beloved holiday tradition brought to you by talented local musicians

Performers and session musicians warm up for the filming of their big holiday show at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield back in 2013.

Traditions all begin somewhere. This one has at least a root or two right here at New Hampshire Magazine. When we partnered with Brian Coombes of Pittsfield’s Rocking Horse Studio to plan the performances for our 2012 Best of NH party, he brought along an entire studio of session musicians and aspiring artists. The effect of a whole stage packed with so much talent was spectacular.

The very next year, Coombes had been booked by WMUR-TV to get the gang back together for a Christmas special (2013’s Emmy-nominated “A New Hampshire Chronicle Christmas at Rocking Horse Studio”). Next, Coombes decided to take the show to Concord’s Capitol Center for the Arts to offer a musical dose of holiday spirit to the crossroads of the state (and a sold-out audience).

It’s all worked so well that the Rocking Horse Studio band and friends are back for yet another year at the Capitol Center for the Arts with many of the same faces and a contingent of new ones, but all singing and playing in a warm Christmas groove.

This year’s shows will feature popular New Hampshire acts, including Pat & The Hats, Justin Cohen, Sophia Lee Davis, Brooks Young, Andriana Melania, Noelle Boc, Steve Blunt, Hank & Chas, Ryan Williamson and many others.

The showis likely to sell out again, so get your tickets now here. A portion of the proceeds goes to benefit local charities and all of the rocking good vibes are guaranteed to benefit your heart and soul.

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