The Tuckaway Tavern & Butchery

Photo by Susan Laughlin

Bring a hearty appetite and your shopping list to this now-landmark restaurant and full-service butcher shop in Raymond.

The barn-red building houses a large bar, several dining areas and a butcher shop/grocery store. Burgers are top-notch as the meat is ground fresh and hand-pressed throughout the day. The brioche-style buns are branded with a Tuckaway logo for eye appeal. Find more comfort food options, including a scratch chicken pot pie and house-made charcuterie, including flavored bacon and chili and cheese-infused hot dogs. Steaks are straight from the Butchery and 100-percent humanely raised Braveheart beef from the Midwest. After dining, head to the market under the same roof.

Find burger blends on the retail side that match the dining menu, including the Black and Blue coated with a Cajun seasoning. There are also house-crafted salads and desserts in the deli cases and local specialty foods on the shelves. Looking for a beverage to take home? Find a great selection of local beers and wine choices for under $10. It's one-stop shopping for your taste buds.

Is meat pie a family tradition? Check out this French Canadian meat pie recipe from Tuckaway Tavern Executive Chef Bobbie Marcotte.

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