December 2012

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What Goes Around

Looking back or ahead, the same names keep turning up.

Power Struggle

NH comedian Juston McKinney debates whether or not to buy a generator.

Interview With Santa Claus

Santa Claus took a few moments out of his crazy busy schedule recently to give New Hampshire Magazine the inside scoop on the Santa behind the beard.

Where to Find the Ultimate (Local) Christmas Décor in NH

Deck the halls with festive items from these New Hampshire shops.

The Color of Christmas

Poinsettias Come in More Varieties Than Red

Letters to the Editor

Your letters from the December 2012 issue.

Piece Work

Mosaic Artist Lizz Van Saun

Delaying Retirement

Too much idle time and too little money - two reasons why people are delaying retirement.

'Twas the Night

An interview with "Santa," also known as Dan Hazelton.

Hack Attack

NH Comedian Jimmy Dunn talks about his new book, "Boat Hack: A Stand-up Comic's Farewell to the Cruise Industry."

Holiday Party Recipes

Who needs to cook a big dinner for a holiday party or get together?

.22 Calibre Contest

Yes, you really can learn to compete in a biathlon, a sport with roots in military history.

Winter Getaway

Hoping to get an early start on the winter sports we love, we headed north of the notches for a weekend that combined fun in the snow with a little pampering at a grand hotel.


The Purple Pit brings cool to Concord.

Concord's Holly-Jolly Shopping

Main Street is lined with holiday delights.

2012 It List

Meet 16 NH notables who are working it.

Apocalyptic Planet

A man travels to the far reaches of our "excitable" Earth and returns with a warning.

Rules of the Yankee Swap

Oddly, it was at a church Christmas party in Atlanta, Georgia, that I learned the rules to the Yankee Swap.

Poetry and Parrish

NH's renowned artist illustrates "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" and other children's poems

Built-in Beverage Storage

Clever and attractive ways to consolidate and organize your wine, alcohol and bar paraphernalia.

Too Long in the Tooth for Braces?

Now adults have teeth-straightening options too.

Hungry in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is by any definition a prosperous state. So ponder this fact: Last year the NH Food Bank delivered eight million pounds of food to outlets serving those they call the "food insecure." This year they need to increase that amount to nine million pounds.

Holiday International Treats

Finding the best holiday baked goods with international inspiration.

LaBelle Winery

How to use LaBelle Winery's wines in your holiday recipes.
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