Saving Green By Buying Green

Featured Shop ReStore • Dover

Imagine a one-stop store that might actually allow you to move forward with remodeling plans while saving you money. ReStore, 15 Fourth St., Dover, is an 11,000-square-foot public warehouse full of donated new and reusable building materials and home improvement supplies offered through Southeastern New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity. What Habitat can't use is sold to raise money to build homes. In its first year in business, more than $200,000 has been raised. Tom Boisvert, a volunteer salesperson at the store, says ReStore is a treasure chest.

What does ReStore carry? Paints, cabinets, plumbing, electrical supplies, you name it. We have 60 to 75 different kinds of windows and close to 100 doors, both interior and exterior. We are like a mini- lumber company.

What's a good deal? Right now cabinets are a great deal, +and windows. We usually sell windows 50 to 80 percent off the retail price.

Where do the materials come from? Everything in the store is donated. Suppliers, contractors, landlords and even homeowners bring us materials and appliances. We have a deconstruction service where we take a house down and salvage about 80 percent of it..

What did you sell today? We sold a set of cabinets today to a homeowner doing a remodeling job in their kitchen. They walked out of here with a set of cherry wood cabinets worth about $8,000–$10,000 for just over $2,000. It even came with a granite countertop.

So What's New?

Purchase with Purpose

Made on Earth

A boutique legendary for its fair trade philosophy, Made on Earth, 33 N. Main St., Wolfeboro, is bursting with warmth this fall. Choose from the classic double-breasted peacoat ($149) or the silhouetted fitted coat with wide collar ($189) for more of a European look. Both styles are 100 percent wool and available in red, black or winter white. The imported pashminas from Nepal come in a fabulous assortment of bold solid colors and are made from an authentic blend of cashmere and silk. It's hard to pick just one ($100).

(603) 569-9100

Hibernate in Luxury


Dreaming of a bedroom-turned-sanctuary? Look no further than Somnia, 107 Congress St., Portsmouth, for exceptional high-quality linens, bath accessories and now in-home decorating services. Co-owner Brian Gahan says when buying linens, don't go by thread count: “That would be like comparing apples to apples. It's all about texture, fibers and warmth.” Linens made from bamboo and other woods are some of the most expensive but sought-after lines in the store. “Once you feel the softness of these sheets and realize the quality of construction, ordinary sheets just won't do,” says Gahan.

(603) 433-7600

In a Nutshell

True Nut Company

True Nut Company, 160 Emerald St., Keene, sure knows how to dress up an almond and put people to work. Founder Steve Ryder began making maple roasted almonds over a year ago as a local fundraiser. The almonds were a hit and the True Nut Company was born. Almond varieties include maple roasted, maple ginger, maple cayenne and maple basil. New this fall: maple coconut. Co-owner Matt DeGrosky says the company's mission is to make great almonds while employing clients from community organizations who are unable to pursue traditional jobs.

For a list of retailers carrying True Nut Company visit

Bargain Fix

Shopaholics Boutique

With the opening of a second location at 110 State St. in Portsmouth, Shopaholics Boutique, 301 Central St., Dover, has made it easier for fashionistas to find designer threads for less money. Tired of your Abercrombie jeans? That old Coach bag? Head for the pink door on State Street.“ We pay 50 percent more to consignors than most stores, so they make money and shoppers can buy designer clothing at lower prices,“ says Bryant Lavoie, who co-owns the shop with his wife Jenny. All items are less than two years old.

(603) 319-8139

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