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National Touring Act Finer performing at Sad Cafe


Mar 12, 2014
07:00 PM


Finer are Stacy and Ethan - married to each other and married to their music. And only that kind of crazy love can produce a sound as engaging, unapologetic, and free as the music they make. Their distinct electronic pop rock sound came together when Stacy and Ethan met at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Ever since, they’ve been taking Stacy’s heartfelt, earthy vocals and guitar and Ethan’s unbelievable bass on the road, touring up and down the East Coast, in the South, and throughout the Midwest.  

They detoured along the way so Ethan could teach jazz at IUPUI and play bass for the Grammy-winning Assad brothers and family.  

Now that they’ve sold their house, and gotten rid of anything that wouldn’t fit in their car, they are on the road delivering critically acclaimed performances throughout the United States.    

“I have never seen an audience so captivated. Half of them were looking over as if to say “Are you seeing how incredible this is right now?” And the other half was gazing back with a firm “Yes.” Nobody was sure what it was exactly, but everyone wanted a piece of it. And I am absolutely certain the rest of the world will too. Finer is going to go far.  If Animal Collective and No Doubt had a jam session together, it might sound something like Finer, but probably not as cool.”  

“Finer is hands down one of the most entertaining bands out there, Ethan James is the best bass guitar player that I’ve seen in a long time, and front lady Stacy Basner knows how to work the crowd with her incredible voice and show-woman-ship.” -Rob Snodgrass of SEG Productions- Slamology stage manager




View map Sad Cafe
148 Plaistow Rd

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