Your Letters From the August 2016 Issue

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Loving July
What a great issue this month [July 2016]. I especially enjoyed the articles on rockhounding [“Outsider”] and losing the sense of smell [“Health”]. Also, the results of the Best of NH poll were very well-presented. I have made a list of places to visit. Thank you for keeping us so well-informed.

Michelle DuBreuil

Missed the Muffins
I really enjoyed Barbara Rogers’ article on Colebrook in the May issue [“Our Town”]. Sorry she missed Mostly Muffins, another fun place to visit, which is just across the bridge on Parsons Street. Lots of scrumptious muffins, breakfast sandwiches, fruit cups, yummy whoopie pies and cookies. A fairy motif surrounds you as you relax and enjoy your “goodie” (for however long) in the Rustic Tea Room, and Jenn’s Fairy Flair Boutique is so unique.

Joan Dickson

Early Reading Lessons
Just a quick note to let you know that we’re doing our best here in Wolfeboro to spread the word about how much we like New Hampshire Magazine. Lisa Brown did a lovely write-up in your latest issue on our bakery, La Boca [“Retail,” June 2016].

In our shop we distribute a flyer we call “the bread schedule” to all our customers. This month, on the back, we featured a photo of our new baby holding the June issue of NH Magazine, encouraging customers to check it out. This is also available online, along with a photo shoot of “outtakes” with the baby and the latest issue.

I’ve attached a PDF of the “bread schedule” so you can see for yourselves. The website shots are even better!

Many thanks from your fans in Wolfeboro.

Elizabeth Rice & Steven Lopez
Proprietors of La Boca Bakery, Wolfeboro

Editor’s note: It’s never too early to introduce children to the world of reading (especially magazines)! We all got a chuckle out of the photos where Vida appears to be much more concerned with how the magazine tastes, rather than with what’s in it. For your daily dose of adorable, definitely check out Vida’s photo shoot “outtakes.”

Increasing Gladness
Thank you for the article in the recent issue about Littleton [“Keeping it Real,” June 2016]. We were all glad to read it! It was a boost for gladness and business. Attached please find a photo from Saturday’s Official Pollyanna Glad Day with our traditional “Group Wave Photo.” We remember your visit on this occasion in 2012. Thanks again for all your support of Littleton.

Veronica Francis
Pollyanna of Littleton NH board member

The Right Look
I think the reformatting of the magazine is great! It has a nice, easy-to-read, cosmopolitan look now, but it’s not too edgy — still maintains the back-home-in-the-mountains, Granite State feel. Good job!

Rita Simons

Thanks and Accolades
Reggie and I want to thank New Hampshire Magazine for the inclusion of our lamp business in the June 2016 issue [“Artisan”]. After devouring our story, “Snag One-of-a-kind Lamps from Past Into Light,” I went on to read the issue cover to cover. It makes me joyful to look up and catch a glimpse of an owl or hawk in my treetops, and I very much enjoyed learning about Jane Kelly and the good work she is doing [“Winging It”].

I also loved “Stepping Back Into History” and the life of modern-day stone masons [“Informer” opener]. Bravo, Kevin Fife!

Our New England history is rich and deep, and I love how New Hampshire Magazine blends stories that honor our past, but also keeps us abreast of all the modern trends and craftspeople.

Always a good read!

Reggie and Michael Case

From the Twittersphere
Thrilled to meet #StevenTyler at the #BestofNH tonight! #WMUR #NHChronicle @FisherCats @nhmagazine

Erin Fehlau, @ErinWMUR

Thumbs Up: Comments from Facebook
Really enjoyed Sally Breslin’s article on committing “rhoda-cide” [“Last Laugh,” June 2016]. We can definitely relate to that. Everything we try to plant never comes back. We spend so much time and energy on it and then it just dies! Also liked her word association tricks. Very funny article!

Paul Baptiste

Editor’s note: By the way, Sally sent us photos of her neighbor’s shrub and hers. We think you can probably tell which is which.

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