Small Bites: August Food News

The latest statewide food news from our cuisine editor

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Check out summer sunflowers up close this month at Coppal House Farm


Special batch

While most bourbons are blends of a variety of barrels, Knob Creek has recently released nine select single-barrel products aged at least nine years. Through a variety of rack placements throughout Jim Beam’s Clermont, Ky., distillery, each barrel has developed its own flavor, taste, color and aroma. Find the distinctive maple sugar aroma of Knob Creek along with a variety of flavor profiles unique to each select barrel, ranging from caramel to big and bold to spicy. Limited supply available at New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet Stores. $41.99 per 750 ml. through September.

Sunflower Festival

Take a cheerful stroll

Wander through six acres of sunflowers with their happy countenance aglow in orange and yellow — it’s agri-entertainment at its most colorful. During the Sunflower Festival from August 13-21 special paths are cut though fields to enable viewing from many angles, and several sunrise and sunset times are limited to photographers and artists. Afterwards, visit the farm stand for fresh eggs, just-picked produce and the farm's award-winning, cold-pressed sunflower oil. In late August through October, the corn maze can be traversed by flashlight on specific nights.

Coppal House Farm, 118 N. River Rd., Lee

Mid August, check or the farm's Facebook page for exact peak bloom dates.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

Fresh spices, every month

Every food needs a bit of spice to add variety to its flavor, and the fresher the spices, the better the flavor. Friends and neighbors Darlene Penrose and Helen Ryba of Auburn have teamed up to make sure home cooks are supplied with the freshest of spices with a monthly subscription service called Spiced Up. Along with a selection of spices and herbs, subscribers receive a fact sheet and recipes for their use each month. Vindaloo curry spice, Canadian steak rub, jalapeño pepper granules — your nose will know the difference.

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