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Electoral Radar April 2017

Electoral Radar

This could be the end for same-day registration.

The Bigger Picture March 2017

The Bigger Picture

Changing the Electoral College would make NH voters less powerful.

Power Surge February 2017

Power Surge

After 15 years of bruises, a recharged GOP arises.

It's Complicated January 2017

It's Complicated

That's how the state's Facebook status would read.

Tribal Summit December 2016

Tribal Summit

Use this holiday to bridge some political divides

Swing Shift November 2016

Swing Shift

Are we really that predictable?

Political Timber? October 2016

Political Timber?

Why there's a shortage in "old growth" candidates.

Double Negative September 2016

Double Negative

If both sides are “evil,” then what’s a voter to do?

Counterpoint: The Positive Effects of Rail September 2016

Counterpoint: The Positive Effects of Rail

In our July issue, James Pindell discussed the politics of a Boston-NH rail line. Here, a local business owner responds.

All in the Cards August 2016

All in the Cards

Politics shouldn't get lost in the shuffle.

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