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Join the Parade July 2013

Join the Parade

In New Hampshire especially, politicians need to remember that parades - a perfect time for handshakes - are an important part of the public's perception of their characters.

Defining NH Politicians With One Phrase June 2013

Defining NH Politicians With One Phrase

What is placed in between the commas after a name is probably the most important words in any story about any person in any walk of life.

Time for a New Pledge? May 2013

Time for a New Pledge?

Earnest or not, a “pledge” to veto any attempt to establish a state income tax or sales tax could be the way to win.

Hassan's High-Stakes Bet April 2013

Hassan's High-Stakes Bet

Governor Hassan assumes that there is an $80 million coming to the state for casino licensing fees. Casinos will soon become legal.

New Hampshire's Silent Gun Debate March 2013

New Hampshire's Silent Gun Debate

Maybe, after such a tragedy, no one knows what to say.

Remembering Former US Senator Warren Rudman February 2013

Remembering Former US Senator Warren Rudman

New Hampshire is a small state so it's no surprise we have had so few presidents, but we do provide the nation with a proving ground for would-be presidents and the state has also offered up a number of national statesmen.

Women Rule January 2013

Women Rule

In New Hampshire, If you want to run for office, being female is a plus.

What Goes Around December 2012

What Goes Around

Looking back or ahead, the same names keep turning up.

Political Class and Clashes November 2012

Political Class and Clashes

Divisions define our two congressional districts in New Hampshire.

Political Persuasion October 2012

Political Persuasion

Is this year's constitutional amendment forever preventing a state income tax from happening just a ruse?

Destination NH

Destination NH

Destination New Hampshire is a guide to the resources that visitors and current residents need most. Showcasing the seven regions of our diverse state, Destination is an easy-to-use, informative reference guide in a convenient format that people will utilize and share with others.

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