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Seasonal Surplus October 2015

Seasonal Surplus

When zucchini starts looking good, you know you have a problem

The Less You Know September 2015

The Less You Know

Presidential candidates look much better from a distance.

A Miracle of Ice Cream August 2015

A Miracle of Ice Cream

Lack of money wasn’t an obstacle — thanks to the kindness of strangers.

A Northern NH Vocabulary Lesson July 2015

A Northern NH Vocabulary Lesson

When did “barn door” become a verb?

Language Barrier June 2015

Language Barrier

You say “potato,” I say “pomme de terre.”

Homer's spin cycle May 2015

Homer's spin cycle

In Frost Heaves, NH, one thing tends to lead to another

The Granite Status April 2015

The Granite Status

Comparing getting rushed by turkeys to the gritty realities of crime in NYC and other differences between Granite Staters and city dwellers.

Making the Grade March 2015

Making the Grade

Tapping into the maple syrup class system.

Practically In Love February 2015

Practically In Love

With apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Just Say Yes (to Winter) January 2015

Just Say Yes (to Winter)

Thinking about it is a lot easier than actually doing it.

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