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The endless road (works) October 2014

The endless road (works)

Will the roadwork and expansion of I-93 ever end?

Organic and Then Some September 2014

Organic and Then Some

Who says Styrofoam isn't good for plants?

Beware of Summer August 2014

Beware of Summer

Go ahead - just try and relax.

Raising the Bar (BQ) July 2014

Raising the Bar (BQ)

No, we didn't get a new Pope. The white haze is just the smoke from my Big Green Egg

Sweet Sounds of Summer June 2014

Sweet Sounds of Summer

What some people consider the annoying sounds of summer are actually welcome after the long silence of winter.

Who Invited the Moose? May 2014

Who Invited the Moose?

The wonders (and occasional hassles) of New Hampshire's abundant wildlife.

What Gets Granite Staters Excited? The Sox April 2014

What Gets Granite Staters Excited? The Sox

New Hampshire natives are not an excitable bunch, unless they're watching the Red Sox.

Extreme Lunacy March 2014

Extreme Lunacy

According to the author, "people who court death by engaging in 'extreme' sports are nuts."

Parking Down Memory Lane February 2014

Parking Down Memory Lane

Winter in New Hampshire is an opportune time to examine how memory works. Nothing suits our shut-in cabin fever chills better than pondering the imponderable.

You CAN Still Get There from Here January 2014

You CAN Still Get There from Here

"Progress might have been all right once,” the comic-poet Ogden Nash observed, “but it has gone on too long.”