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Guide to Wills and Estate Planning

Considering what happens to your assets following your death may not be the most pleasant of tasks, but according to experts, it’s important.

The Empowering Work of CASA Volunteers

These super volunteers stand up for children across New Hampshire.

Guide to Retirement Living and Continuing Care

The concept of retirement and senior living is not what it once was.

When Is A Good Time To Clock Out Of Your Career?

How to navigate phasing into retirement.

Senior Legislators

Does life experience mean political advantages?

School is Back in Session

Increasing university options for seniors mean there's no age limit on education.

Family Tree Divided

Navigating grandparent and in-law status after divorce

De-Stressing Downsizing

When you're ready to make the move to a smaller home, here's what to do and where to turn.

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

The "what if?" insurance comes in several forms.

Navigating Late-Life Remarriage

This milestone can be a challenging one.

Communal Housing for Seniors

Sharing the load can make sense.

Adventurous Travel for the Senior Set

From glamping to academic excursions, the options for adventurous travel aimed at voyagers 60+ are more extensive than ever.

Caring for a Rapidly Aging State

New Hampshire has one of the biggest and fastest-growing senior populations in the U.S., which leaves experts from doctors to economists wondering: how do we serve such a unique group?

The New Generation of Senior Centers

"Senior centers" are updating their offerings—and their names.

When you’re a parent...again

Your child can no longer care for her child, so you’ve stepped up and stepped back into the role of parent
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