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Combining Beauty and Medicine at Medspas

New Hampshire's medspas provide an alternative to cosmetic surgery.

How to Build Your Best You

The path to self-improvement is a personal one, but there are guides along the way who can start you moving or get you back on course. Here are five local experts eager to share their most inspirational tips on working the angles and overcoming the obstacles to personal transformation.

Don’t Cheat Your Sleep

Proper shuteye is essential for good health.

How to Shop for Organic Food

Are organic foods always the healthiest choice?

Why You Shouldn't Just Sit There

Mounting research points to the hazards of sitting.

Supervising Your Sugar

Added sugars can hide even in foods that seem healthy.

Understanding Gluten

What's the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?

Inside the Emergency Room

Real-life drama unfolds every day in ERs around the state.

Medical Marijuana

There's still no consensus on its effectiveness.

Heart Health Today

Atrial fibrillation is on the rise in the US.

The Healing Horses of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy offers a range of benefits.

Coping with Stress in a Chaotic World

In a 24-hour news cycle world, is anxiety our new normal?

Dealing with Panic Attacks

Symptoms can feel like a heart attack.

Managing Medications

Mix-ups can cause severe problems.

Is it Pneumonia?

How to know when it's more than just a bad cold - and what you should do about it.
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