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Baby Driver: Taylor Martin March 2013

Baby Driver: Taylor Martin

Don’t let her young age fool you. Taylor Martin of Windham may not be old enough to have a NH Driver’s license, but she can leave you in a cloud of dust.

Jennifer Goodman March 2013

Jennifer Goodman

Q&A with Jennifer Goodwin, the executive director of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.

Lincoln's Legacy February 2013

Lincoln's Legacy

Lincoln look-alike Steve Wood brings history to life.

Captain Hooks: Tyler McLaughlin of "Wicked Tuna" February 2013

Captain Hooks: Tyler McLaughlin of "Wicked Tuna"

Captain Tyler McLaughlin, 24, has long been a big fisherman in a little pond.

Model Citizen January 2013

Model Citizen

Persephanie Lesperance made it into the final 10 in Maxim's sexy selection process.

New Beginnings January 2013

New Beginnings

Tiffany Eddy talks about life after leaving WMUR.

Interview With Santa Claus December 2012

Interview With Santa Claus

Santa Claus took a few moments out of his crazy busy schedule recently to give New Hampshire Magazine the inside scoop on the Santa behind the beard.

'Twas the Night December 2012

'Twas the Night

An interview with "Santa," also known as Dan Hazelton.

Hack Attack December 2012

Hack Attack

NH Comedian Jimmy Dunn talks about his new book, "Boat Hack: A Stand-up Comic's Farewell to the Cruise Industry."

Expanding the Experience: Jonathan McPhee November 2012

Expanding the Experience: Jonathan McPhee

Q&A with Jonathan McPhee, the conductor of the Nashua Symphony