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2013 Hot New Restaurants November 2013

2013 Hot New Restaurants

It's time to get out and discover all the new venues opened by impassioned chefs and owners.

2012 Hot New Restaurants November 2012

2012 Hot New Restaurants

With a recovering economy, it is hard to convince ebullient restaurateurs and top chefs to stand down. There is just too much passion in this industry.

2011 Hot New NH Restaurants November 2011

2011 Hot New NH Restaurants

The best new NH restaurants that opened in 2011.

Hot New Restaurants November 2010

Hot New Restaurants

New Hampshire's newest and most delicious restaurants that you have to try.

Hottest New Restaurants 2009 November 2009

Hottest New Restaurants 2009

Good food, good hospitality and good prices are just the start. What are you waiting for?

Hot New Restaurants 2008 November 2008

Hot New Restaurants 2008

In spite of the miserable economy, a good number of brave chefs are offering you, the dining public, new options to soothe your inner angst.

Hot new restaurants 2005 November 2005

Hot new restaurants 2005

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