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New Beginnings January 2013

New Beginnings

Tiffany Eddy talks about life after leaving WMUR.

Interview With Santa Claus December 2012

Interview With Santa Claus

Santa Claus took a few moments out of his crazy busy schedule recently to give New Hampshire Magazine the inside scoop on the Santa behind the beard.

'Twas the Night December 2012

'Twas the Night

An interview with "Santa," also known as Dan Hazelton.

Hack Attack December 2012

Hack Attack

NH Comedian Jimmy Dunn talks about his new book, "Boat Hack: A Stand-up Comic's Farewell to the Cruise Industry."

Funny Guy: Jon Rineman November 2012

Funny Guy: Jon Rineman

It's possible that Jon Rineman of Hampton makes you laugh every night, even though you never heard his name before.

Expanding the Experience: Jonathan McPhee November 2012

Expanding the Experience: Jonathan McPhee

Q&A with Jonathan McPhee, the conductor of the Nashua Symphony

Winging It: Brian October 2012

Winging It: Brian

Brian "Lurch" Caldwell of Hudson likes to spread his wings from time to time.

Leif Ericson Hurrah: Peter Andersen October 2012

Leif Ericson Hurrah: Peter Andersen

It only lasts for a few minutes but surely Leif Ericson would have appreciated it.

A Fair Talker: Junior Gardner September 2012

A Fair Talker: Junior Gardner

Say "Deerfield Fair" and a lot of people think "Junior Gardner." His is the voice - with its distinctive Yankee accent - that you hear on the radio advertising for the now-136-year-old fair.

Running Man: Guor Marial September 2012

Running Man: Guor Marial

Olympian Guor Marial has run his whole life but now he is running toward his dreams.

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