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What Goes Around December 2012

What Goes Around

Looking back or ahead, the same names keep turning up.

Political Class and Clashes November 2012

Political Class and Clashes

Divisions define our two congressional districts in New Hampshire.

Political Persuasion October 2012

Political Persuasion

Is this year's constitutional amendment forever preventing a state income tax from happening just a ruse?

Who Loves Lobbyists? September 2012

Who Loves Lobbyists?

Well, no one does, but at least here they can run for political office.

Presidential Playground August 2012

Presidential Playground

This year's campaign sounds a bit like a schoolyard spat.

Legislature on Leave July 2012

Legislature on Leave

As things start cooking in the New Hampshire State House kitchen, fewer can take the heat.

Political Proposal June 2012

Political Proposal

An Ayotte Vice Presidential pick would be another New Hampshire first.

The Race (?) for NH's Governor May 2012

The Race (?) for NH's Governor

This year's race for governor a bit like a box of chocolates.

Taking Folks Down to Size April 2012

Taking Folks Down to Size

In NH politics, what pops up gets whacked down.

Building on the Bottom Line March 2012

Building on the Bottom Line

New U.S. Census data may shatter the image of how we see ourselves. New Hampshire is increasingly less Portsmouth, Plymouth and Peterborough and more Hollis and Hudson and Hampstead.