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The Importance of Foot Care

We don't think about our feet until they start giving us problems. Proper foot care now can prevent future pain.

Planning for a modern maternity

Moms should customize their plan for labor pain

Understanding Probiotics

Some forms of intestinal bacteria are actually good for you - learn more about probiotics and digestive health.

Learn to Deal With Stress

Stress can't always be avoided, but the key to a healthier mind, body and spirit is learning how to control your reactions to stress and to reduce it whenever possible.

25 Tips for Good-for-you Dining Out

Many local restaurants have added healthier versions of appetizer and menu favorites. A few have been onboard all along. Try these tips and dine like your life depends on it.

New Recommendations for Giving CPR

New guidelines support focusing on compressions rather than the breathing part of CPR.

Quitting Smoking is One Resolution You Need to Keep

Few smokers realize that lighting up can harm nearly every organ in their body and cause cancer not just in their lungs, throat, or mouth, but throughout their body.

Could food as medicine be the cure?

The cure for what ails you might be as close as your kitchen

The Power of Platelets

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can remedy tough-to-treat injuries

Sepsis - A Deadly Infection You May Not Know About

Sepsis is a fairly large health problem, but few people are aware of it. Word is starting to spread about the dangers of this deadly infection.

The Many Benefits of Neurological Rehab

Neurological rehab helps patients regain function and a sense of normalcy.

Get Inspired With 10 Stories of Fitness and Weight Loss

In the quest for health, weight loss or physical transformation, half the battle is getting there. The other half is simply beginning. Here are 10 journeys to fitness by people who became experts in the process and the most important lessons they learned.

Explaining Menopause

Menopause brings changes and challenges — more than you might think.

Lyme Disease: Separating the Myths From the Medicine

Lyme disease is here again and stirring controversy

Dealing With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that can interfere with daily life to the point where maintaining privacy becomes difficult.
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