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The Keys to Libido

Our experts unravel the mysteries of maintaining sex drive at any age. Hint: It's about more than taking a pill.

The Hard Facts on Avoiding Kidney Stones

The things that lead to a less-healthy lifestyle help propagate kidney stones. Here's how to keep them from impacting you.

Primary care today: Putting patients first

Taking a look at Dartmouth-Hitchcock's services and primary care options.

Changing Your Habits with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an age-old remedy that can help break bad habits.

Brave Hearts

Life is tough and seldom fair. These are hard truths that adults understand, but we try our hardest to keep them from children for as long as possible. But when terrible diseases strike the young and innocent, there are places here in NH to find excellent medical care with a big dose each of hope and courage.

Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Lifestyle choices can affect the odds of getting cancer.

Navigating cholesterol

What works, from the tried-and-true to the new

ADHD in Adults

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can - and does - affect adults as well as children.

Understanding and Alleviating Dry Eye

The syndrome puts comfort and eye health at risk.

Dealing With Winter's Shades of Gray

Coping with seasonal affective disorder

When a Mammogram Leads to a Biopsy

With cancer, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Caring for the Dying

Understanding what hospice care really means and how it can bring comfort to both the dying and their loved ones.

The Soothing Power of Reiki

Reiki and other complementary approaches to wellness, such as art therapy, aromatherapy and meditation, are gaining acceptance among doctors and patients alike.

Living with Asthma

Some people say that it feels like a heavy weight is bearing down on their chest. Others compare it to breathing through a straw.

The Importance of Foot Care

We don't think about our feet until they start giving us problems. Proper foot care now can prevent future pain.
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