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Hardly Working October 2014

Hardly Working

Some months I have to admit that what I call work is what many would love to do on their vacations.

Fair Tales September 2014

Fair Tales

I suppose most people have a story about something that happened at the fair. Usually it has to do with the consequences of eating too much fried dough and then riding something called “The Scrambler.”

Arts Unleashed August 2014

Arts Unleashed

Friction Motors July 2014

Friction Motors

Serious Fun June 2014

Serious Fun

Anyone who has watched puppies tussle on the lawn or kids building a fort out of couch cushions has witnessed one function of fun.

Poets Rule April 2014

Poets Rule

Plato’s utopia was ruled by philosopher kings. We could do worse. In fact, with the current state of politics, it might behoove us to require a philosophy degree for anyone seeking high office.

Secret Keeper March 2014

Secret Keeper

My first journalism job in New Hampshire (about a quarter century ago) was as editor of a little weekly paper called The Bow Times.

Star Power February 2014

Star Power

I was a newlywed at the time, so my romantic instincts were perhaps a little addled, but to me it sure seemed like a great valentine’s day gift when I bought my wife a star from the international star registry.

Green Spirit January 2014

Green Spirit

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s an ever-growing list of topics you can’t discuss without people withdrawing from one another into opposing camps? Differences are good, but like a bottle of salad dressing, it’s better when you shake things up.

The Distance     December 2013

The Distance

There’s one thing certain about the Christmas season: it’s a time that we go all out.

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