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Nostalgic Figurines

Vintage cake toppers are back in vogue.

An Early Automaton

An appraisal of a Victorian-era wind-up musical bird cage.

Appraisal of a Luigi Lucioni Etching

An etching by preeminent American etcher Luigi Lucioni is appraised.

Moser Glass Company Vases

A pair of Moser Glass Company vases are appraised at around $1,000.

Scherenschnitte Valentines

The German art of paper-cutting created some beautiful — and now valuable — valentines.

One Man's Vintage Valentine Collection

Dover photographer and photo historian Thom Hindle has a collection of more than 150 vintage valentines that feature cameras.

Grenfell Hooked Mat Appraisal

This 1920s Grenfell mat is an example of a craft industry that flourished until the Great Depression.

An Appraisal of a Vintage Colander

Though it doesn't have great monetary value, this inherited colander is a great example of ingenuity.

Hart's Turkey Farm's Vintage Turkey Plate Collection

Hart's Turkey Farm in Meredith, NH houses an impressive collection of more than 600 vintage turkey plates.

Hoyt's But-A-Kiss Candy Tin Appraisal

Jason Hackler appraises a Hoyt's But-A-Kiss candy tin valued at about $125.

Appraisal of an Amethyst Dish

Polishing and carving stone into dishes and ashtrays was popular in the mid 20th century.

Peter Hunt Paint Decorated Side Table Appraisal

Antiques expert Jason Hackler estimates this painted table to be worth about $800.

NH Antiques Week & A Dublin, NH, Wooden Souvenir Stein

Find out about the annual New Hampshire Antiques Week and an early 20th century wooden souvenir stein.

Antique Silver Spoon Appraisal

An appraisal of an early-to mid-19th century silver spoon created by Joseph Moulton IV of Newburyport, Mass.

Appraisal of An Early 20th Century Sailor’s Valentine

Sailor’s valentines vary in price and some can sell for more than $10,000. Intricacy, color, pattern, condition and age are all important in determining value.
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